How to play ZX Spectrum games on CD32+FDD

Have you got a game released for ZX Spectrum (regardless of whether it was a physical copy)?
What I wish you to do first is confirming which machine type it was released for.
It is because "Which emulators should we use on CD32?" depend on that "machine type".
"48K" or "48K/128K": You can load the game even if your CD32 doesn't have Fast RAM.
"128K(only)": In most cases you can't load the game unless you add Fast RAM.
"TR-DOS": It depends, however, you might have to add 8MB Fast RAM at least, more faster CPU would be recommended.
In addition,
"48K" game without protection scheme: You can load directly from the cassette recorder connected with CD32 console.
"48K" game with protection scheme: You must decode and create a snapshot file, then load it on your CD32.

Therefore I defined "ZBD" as described below.
"ZBD" stands for "Zx Spectrum games Booting Difficulty on CD32+FDD" , its description:
Titles released for ZX Spectrum originally
• 48K physical tapes which don't have protection scheme.
• 48K freeware regardless of whether it has protection scheme.
• Some (few) 128K titles which can be loaded by "Spectrum128".
• TR-DOS titles which load whole data first. If "Spectrum128" can load them correctly, those titles are "ZBD=Lv.3". (Very few titles)
• 48K physical tapes which have protection scheme.  You must decode and create a snapshot file using Windows apps first.
• If you feel that it's too sluggish to play the game even if "Spectrum128" could load the game correctly,
   you should play the game by using "ASp". Such game is classified into "ZBD=Lv.5".
• 128K titles which cannot be loaded by "Spectrum128". "ASp" can load them, however, it requires Fast RAM.
• TR-DOS titles which load new data during the game. "ZX-Live" or "X128" can load them, however, they require Fast RAM.
• If you feel that it's too sluggish to play 128K titles, 030 CPU would be highly recommended.

Here is a rough chart.

If you are NOT interested in "Loading directly from physical tape", 128K games and TRD games,
it strongly recommends you to play 48K game on SNES + AD Adapter. ( See details ).
To tell the truth, the game's speed would be sluggish on CD32 + FDD if CPU is 020.

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