Vague City

Wataru Sato
"MSX•FAN" Sep. 1992 Issue

Original Japanese version:

Sorry if there are any typos, however, I've already tested my data and it works without any problems.

My suggestions for English version:

First of all, delete lines #530, #540, #550, #560 and #570.
Then modify other lines as follows.
This modification also allows you to select a command by trigger 1 instead of trigger 2 in the command menu.

If we modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows.

  I tested this modified data,
  including the ending, and had no problems.

How to play:

Unfortunately, the release of the MSX version of "Sim City" was cancelled in January 1993.
From then until "Amusement Factory Software" released MSX port of "Sim City" as freeware in 2008,
this game had taken the place of MSX version of "Sim City" in Japan.
Player becomes the mayor and develops the city during a four-year term.

First, the game asks you which type of map you want.

"ISLAND" and "RIVER" are for beginners. "BASIN" and "MOUNTAIN" are for veterans.
When the new map is loaded, you will be asked for the name of the city.
Enter a maximum of 9 characters in uppercase.
If you typo, use cursor keys or pad and overwrite. Don't press "Back Space" key,
otherwise it will look like the screenshot on the left.
In the case on the left,
first press the INS key (F7 on the Amiga keyboard) and then press the space key twice.
This is to prevent the map tiles (grassland in the example on the left) from appearing in the city name field.
The city's budget (BDG for short) is initially given as 30000 hundred $,
and tax revenue calculated by population (POP. for short) and tax rate is added monthly.
You can use following commands can be used as long as the city's budget is not exhausted.
(H$= 1 hundred $)
Pave the road
100 H$
Makes it easier to develop commercial and industrial areas.
Level the ground
100 H$
(ground = GRD. for short)
Water areas cannot be reclaimed. It costs 5000 H$ for mountain area.
Residential area
1000 H$
The higher the land price, the easier it is to develop.
It increases the population the most among the three types of areas.
Commercial area
1000 H$
As the land price rises and more roads are paved, it will be easier to develop.
Industrial area
1000 H$
The more roads are paved, it will be easier to develop.
It increases the rate of development of the town the most among the three types of areas.
10000 H$
It increases the rate of the land price of the town.
Civic hall
50000 H$
It increases the rate of the land price & development of the town.
100000 H$
It increases the rate of the land price & development of the town more.

• Land prices are originally high in places near water bodies and forests.
• The tax rate can be changed between 1~20%. The lower the rate, the faster the development, but the lower the tax revenue.

Modifying tiles:

Each tile has its shape defined in lines #580~600 and its colors defined in lines #610~630.

Here is an example by this website.

Download and copy the file to the same diskette that the main code of "Vague City" has been saved.
Load the main code first, then merge a file of new tiles with the main code as follows:


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