"MSX•FAN" July 1987 Issue
Japanese title name:
Return key: Save the game (See below, though.)

The game:

Since a month ago, there has been an epidemic of a disease that causes people to become swines due to the magical power of the swine king.
You have to go through many battles, raise your level, meet many people, reach the castle where the swine king is, and defeat him.


Particular attention should be paid when typing the lines below.

You should also pay attention when typing the lines #20 and #240, but I dare not show them here. (See below!)

When you play the original version, you'll witness a strange specification.
Namely, the experience value of the enemy is displayed as 10 times higher,
and when you defeat the enemy, 1/10 of that value is actually added to your experience value.
It is brought about by the lines #270 and #300.
The number displayed as enemy's experience should be the same as the number actually added.
So modify the lines #270 and #300.
However, the number displayed as enemy's experience is used to calculate enemy's strength and dexterity
in the lines #320~330, so if you do not want to affect the difficulty level,

the lines #320~330 also need to be modified as follows.

If you want to save the game to the diskette instead of a tape, replace "CAS:" in the lines #590 & #620 with a different string (e.g. "SWINE.DAT").
However, it causes graphical glitches of part of the map if you didn't modify other lines!
This game is originally for tape only. This is because part of the program's area of use overlaps with the disk's work area.
To avoid this problem, modify lines as follows. (It calls "offset".)

If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows. (Using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).

I've already tested my data and it works without any problems.

My suggestions for English version:

If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows.

I tested the above modified data, including the ending,
and had no problems.

Joystick support:

"STICK(0)" is found in the line #140. Just replace it with "STICK(1)".
In the game you shall press the "1" key many times. If you want to play the game using MSXAdvance (on SNES + AD Adapter),
it would be the best if you can use Trigger 1 instead of "1" key that  is usually defined for L or R buttons.
Of course I guess you want to use Trigger 2 for another choice.
To do so, you have to modify following lines.

Now you can use Trigger 2 to save the game instead of Return key.  You cannot save the game while using MSXAdvance, however!
In English version, for the lines #290, #380 & #600, please type the following instead of the above.

If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows.
*Japanese Joystick version*
130>BR20   290>2Hw0   320>oLO3   330>K572   380>stH0   390>UMP0   570>TmT0
580>KQE0   600>EJw0    610>2pO0   615>c920   1000>ibP4
*English Joystick version*
130>BR20   290>0V01   320>oLO3   330>K572   380>5LB0   390>UMP0   570>TmT0
580>KQE0   600>6At0   610>2pO0   615>c920   1000>a5O7


• After raising the player's level to about Lv 20~30 near the store that sells LIFE, speak to the NPCs in the correct order and they will give you keys or statues.
  If your level is too low, each NPC may NOT give you a key / a statues.
• If you can't figure out the order, see p.70 of "MSX FAN" September 1987 issue.

Too difficult?

Since enemies are stronger than player in the beginning of the game, it will be a matter of luck whether you can successfully level up.
If you can do that, the game itself is not difficult at all.
There are five enemy levels (P), and the line #270 determines enemy's life, experience and gold.
As already mentioned, enemy's experience is related to the enemy's strength and dexterity, so the higher the multiplier, the more difficult it is.

How many times the enemy's experience value actually adds to the player's experience can be changed by modifying the line #300.
In any case, I'll warn you that if the difficulty of the early game is reduced, the late game will be much easier.
Here's an example of a modification that would make the game easier.

Enemies' lives become 4/5, and the experience and gold you get when you kill an enemy become doubled.
..."It's enough!", you say?


Yoko Soft
"MSX•FAN" Sep. 1987 Issue
Program length:
9 screens


Particular attention should be paid when typing the lines below.
For each checksum, please refer to the magazine's page.
screen-duv Good luck!

Joystick support:

"STICK(0)" is found in the lines #120, #470 & #480.
"STRIG(0)" is found in the lines #170, #470 & #480. The quickest way is to simply replace each "0" with "1".

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