Silver Snail

Silver Snail
"MSX•FAN" Oct. 1991 Issue

My suggestions for English version:

The 1st file named "SNAIL-A.BAS":

The 2nd file named "SNAIL-B.FDG":

For SNES+AD Adapter users:

This game was originally designed for MSX2. It causes "illegal function call" the moment an enemy attacks on MSX1.
To avoid that error on MSX1, modify the line #600 of the second file (SNAIL-B.FDG) as follows.

(This information was originally published in the November 1991 issue.)
Of course the ROM version that you created by yourself using DSK2ROM doesn't allow you to save the game, however!
I'll warn you.

For CD32 users:

On AmiMSX, the enemy sprite appears to be split into four.

In the line #800 of the second file (SNAIL-B.FDG) ,
the "four sprites are enlarged by a factor of two and connected together" process is performed.
However, AmiMSX is unable to "enlarge the sprites".
...If AmiMSX can't enlarge each sprite, how can it at least not split it into four?
We can modify that process to connect the four sprites at equal size.
Similarly, the title logo can be also fixed by modifying the line #80 of the first file (SNAIL-A.BAS). See below.

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