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Komeya no Cha-cha-cha (米屋のチャチャチャ)
"MSX•FAN" Jan. 1988 Issue

(The following is only an English translation of page 46 of the January 1988 issue of "MSX•FAN".)

Creating custom levels:

The levels' data is in lines #1110~1120.
Each level consists of several events.   There are 12 types of events:

Event 1
Enemies moving
as shown on the left.

Event 2
Enemies moving
as shown on the left.

Event 3
Enemies moving
as shown on the left.

Event 4
Enemies that
move in a
circular motion.

Event 5
Enemies moving
as shown on the left.

Event 6
A boss enemy
charges toward
player's ship.

Event 7
A boss enemy
that shoots

Event 8
A boss enemy
that moves in a
circular motion.

Event 9
A boss enemy
that moves at the
top of the screen.

Event A
Enemies in which
items are contained.

Event B

Event M
BGM changes
into Boss's theme.
• You must start from " 0.  After enter event number, enter W.
• You don't have to enter W after event M.
• Don't forget enter N after W of the final event.

For example, instead of the original 1st level, suppose to create a special level that has all events.
Level 1's data is in the line #1110. Modify it as below:

How about "Boss rush level"?   ...An example is:
As you know in the original 6th level, the 2nd~ boss(es) that appears in the same level have much higher HP.

How about combinations of two events at the same time?
Here are the results of my tests.

Each boss enemy's HP becomes much higher even if the 1st appearance in the same level, though.

By the way, there is a cheat that was introduced by "MSX•FAN".
If you add the following line, you will be able to shoot rapidly:
75 POKE&HD040,&HB7

Tako no Kaigan Monogatari Part 3

Code: Komeya no Cha-cha-cha (米屋のチャチャチャ)
Music: M. Miyamoto
Name for each character: T. Yamamoto
Special thanks to: K. Konishi,  K. Oshima,  H. Shibata,  H. Furutani,  T. Morisada
"MSX•FAN" Oct. 1988 Issue
Japanese title name:
"たこの海岸物語 Part3: 迷宮編"
It means "Beach Story of Tako - Part III: Labyrinth" in English.
1: Choose [1].,   2: Choose [2].,   3: Drink a potion.,   Down arrow key soon after closing message box: Show items you have.

The 1st file:

For disk users, modify the line #790 as below.

The 2nd file named "TAKO3-2.BAS":

For disk users, modify the line #590 as below. (The original string was "CAS:タコ3dat".)

My suggestions for English version (The 2nd file):

Modify the following lines.
Finally type the following!
By the modifications described above, each checksum changes as follows (using version 2.0 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
tako3-en-screens Fully tested!

Joystick support:

The 1st file:
Checksum: 220> 32,    260> 27,    450> 131,    451> 145
The 2nd file:
"STICK(0)" is found in the line #340.
"STRIG(0)" is found in the lines #180, #320, #530, #940 and #1030. The quickest way is to simply replace each "0" with "1".
In addition, it'd be better if you modify the following lines.
Trigger 1: Choose [1].,   Trigger 2: Choose [2].,   D-pad up: Drink a potion.,   D-pad down soon after closing message box: Show items you have.
[Caution] It recommends to disable the 2nd disk drive when you load this "English & Keyboard" version.
    This is because files placed after "TAKO3.DAT" might be rarely corrupted.

For Amiga CD32 + FDD users:

On AmiMSX, the boss enemy's sprite appears to be split into four because AmiMSX can't enlarge each sprite.
We can connect the four sprites at equal size.

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