Fruits Fields

"PiO" Sep. 1986 Issue
Japanese title name:
y: Yes.,   n: No.,   Esc: Restart the current scene.,   Stop: Return to the title screen from the scene selection screen.

For Disk users:

This game is originally for tape only. This is because part of the program's area of use overlaps with the 1st disk's work area.
You cannot even save this dump file on Disk Basic using the monitoring program coded by MSX Magazine.
First, enter all data using a binary editor on Windows to create one.
In such cases, we Japanese usually use freeware called "DumpWithRTCS".
Choose "Tool(T)">"Address Offset(A)...". Enter "B000". Then enter all hexadecimal numbers to EFFFH.
Don't forget to compare each checksum with that in the magazine. (Choose "Checksum(C)">"Add8(E)")
Then split it into 2 files. One is from B000H to D88FH, and the other is from D890H to EFFFH.

The 1st file named "FFIELDS1.BIN":

Add a header as shown below to complete.
FE 00 B0 8F D8 00 B0

The 2nd file named "FFIELDS2.BIN":

Add a header as shown below to complete.
FE 90 D8 FF EF 90 D8

The 3rd file (Loader):

The line #230: [9ED0H~] Copy the 1st disk's work area(E2A8H~F37FH) to 9F08H~AFDFH.
The line #240: [9EDCH~] Transfer the map data(2040H~37AFH of VRAM) to D890H~EFFFH of RAM.
The line #250: [9EE9H~] Restore the 1st disk's work area(E2A8H~F37FH).
The line #260: [9EF5H~] Copy the map data(D890H~EFFFH of RAM) to 2040H~37AFH of VRAM regardless of modifications by "Construction" mode.
Each checksum is as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
ffields-title-screen Run the 3rd file. Press the right arrow key after you're asked if you want to load your own maps.

The level editor:

To create your own maps, choose "Construction" at the title screen.
Then you can choose a scene that you want to modify.
BS: Put a wall bricks.,   Space: Floor.,   Select: Put a fruit.,   Return: Starting point.,   Shift+arrow key: Put an arrow block.,
Shift+Home CLS: Delete characters.,   F2: Abort this modification and return to the title screen.,   F3: Test playing.
After completed your modification, press F1 key. Then it asks which scene you want to change to a new one you created.
To save your maps, choose "BASIC" at the title screen. It returns to the line #110 of the 3rd file (the loader) automatically.
It means that you will be asked if you surely want to save your own maps.
Then press the left arrow key.

Joystick support:

The 1st file:
Delete the previous header (FE 00 B0 8F D8 00 B0) first. Choose "Tool(T)">"Address Offset(A)...". Enter "AFE0".
Then modify the file as below.
ffields-joystick Finally add a header (FE E0 AF 8F D8 00 B0).
D-pad left: Yes.,   D-pad right: No.,   Trigger 2: Restart the current scene.,   Trigger 2: Return to the title screen from the scene selection screen.
Use the keyboard after you choose "Construction", though! (Trigger 1: Put a wall bricks.)

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