Zombie Soft
"MSX•FAN" Oct. 1992 Issue
Sub title name:
"The Wonder World"
D-pad up: Stop the roulette.   Trigger 1: Stop to move at the square where you are.
Trigger 2: Proceed from the options screen to the game screen.

The opening story:

There is a mysterious land called "NEO" where a huge bird called Simurgh appears once every 100 years.
It is said that anyone who defeats Simurgh and bathes in its blood can get eternal youth.
Hearing this rumor, four adventurers came to "NEO".


There is one issue that cannot be ignored at least.
After completing a quest, that quest remains visible until any characters talk to another NPC or encounter an enemy.
To resolve this issue, please add the line #565 and modify the line #570 as below.
If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
Sorry if there are any typos, however, I tested my data, including the ending, and had no problems.

My suggestions for English version:

Modify the following lines. (Sorry I ignored REM strings.)
You will notice that we force the program not to display each sentence from the position where the X-coordinate is 0.
This is because MSXAdvance does not display the 8 dots on the edges.
By the modifications described so far, each checksum changes as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
neo-english-screensEnglish version! Fully tested.

The game:

This "NEO" is divided into four areas.
The four adventurers can move as many steps as the roulette has given them.
The winner is the one who eventually defeats Simurgh and has the highest level out of the four.
Here are descriptions.
After talking to NPC, that NPC presents with a mission.

neo-location-npc2 Until the mission is completed, that NPC will keep hands up.
You cannot talk to any other NPC until that mission is completed.
There are three types of missions:
1. Defeat an enemy (one of the following types: Goblin, Serpent, Samurai, or Dragon) specified by an NPC.
  Until then, only the specified enemy will appear at that location.
  Characters other than the one who talked to that NPC first also have a chance.

2. Get a herb from the location specified by the NPC and bring it to that NPC.
  Characters other than the one who talked to that NPC first also have a chance.
Can encounter the enemy.
There are 5 types of regular enemies (Kobold, Sand Golem, Ghoul, Ninja or Basilisk).
Usually do not encounter enemies.
An enemy (one of 4 types) specified by NPC appears.
(Goblin, Serpent, Samurai, or Dragon.)

A herb is available at the location specified by the NPC.

3. Deliver the letter given by the NPC to the location specified by that NPC.
  Only the character who talked to the NPC first has the right to complete the mission.
  In the meantime, the characters controlled by COM are going to wait at the other NPC.
An inn where restores HP fully for free.
These are also where adventurers deliver NPC's letter.

A potion that restores HP fully is sold for 5 GLD.
Training raises the experience value by 5 to 15.
"Current level value x 5 + 10" GLD must be paid.
Completion of a mission will earn you more experience and GLD than if you had defeated the enemy.
Once all missions in "NEO" are completed, Simurgh should appear.

This is the starting point, and if a character's HP runs out,
that character will be deported here and lose a turn.

You can even hire assassin (called "killer" in this English version).
You can send a killer of a strength corresponding to the GLD you pay, to another character you designate.
See below.
His HP
His ST(Strength)

20 GLD
40 GLD
60 GLD
80 GLD
However, you cannot send a killer to the following characters:
• Characters with level lower than level 2.
• Characters with level lower than your level.
• Your partner.
A character who is defeated by the killer is deprived of a letter / a herb.

*Options menu*
CTRL: You can select a device from Keyboard, Joystick 1 or Joystick 2 if you want to control these characters.
  If you don't want, select "COM" and the character will be controlled by COM.
CO-OP: Designate a partner for each character.
  Normally, the characters within three squares to the left and right of each other will participate in the battle,
  but partners rush to battle no matter how far away they are.
  In the example of the left screenshot, when Lydia encounters an enemy, Asha is called there.
  When Zaza encounters an enemy, Lydia and Sai are called there.
  When Sai encounters an enemy, Zaza is called there.
  Of course, there are pros and cons to this setup.
You can also change the way enemies appear, the game speed and  the names of the four characters.
For modern emulator users:
It may be hard to control the sword-shaped cursor in the options menu screen. if you use "blueMSX" or "yayaMSX" series.
Either redefine Joystick's D-pad to any keys other than directional keys, or delete one of "STICK(0)+STICK(1)" in the line #1500.

Additional modification:

For CD32+FDD users:
AmiMSX cannot enlarge sprites. Each enemy / the final boss has 4~7 sprites that appears to be split if each of them aren't enlarged.
The title logo will also corrupt by the same reason.  So you must modify the lines as below.
neo-amimsx-screensFully tested.

For SNES+AD Adapter users:
Have you already modified the code to create English version that have been described above?
Now you can solve following problem caused by MSXAdvance's inability to display the 8 dots on the edge.
• Can't see the first letter of each sentence.
However, this is still not enough.
The squares on the left and right edge of each area in "NEO" are also not displayed, so there is a problem that it's unknown what is there.
Make the program create a map with 30 squares with X-coordinates 1-30,
whereas in the original version there are 32 squares with X-coordinates 0-31.
Of course other lines must be also modified accordingly so that characters can only move within that range.
neo-msxadvance-screensFully tested.

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