Red Desert

Tomohiro Nakahara
"Micom Basic Magazine" Apr. 1989 Issue

The story:

It's the near future. The use of nuclear weapons has destroyed the earth's ozone layer.
Crops withered due to the harmful ultraviolet rays, strange diseases spread among the people, and the majority of humanity died.
However, the few remained people struggled and found a way to survive in this world.
Several years have passed since then. The Earth seemed to have regained its peace, but it was beginning to fade.

Note for the original Japanese version:

Correct the author's typo. The line #1710 may simply be a result of the printing rubbing off, however!

If we modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).

Sorry if there are any typos, however, I have tested my data, including the ending, and had no problems.
This game is originally for tape. It seems that part of the program's area of use overlaps with the disk's work area.
However, modern emulator users don't have to press CTRL key during power on.
Just remember that if you save the file after running it, it would fail to save the game and the file would be corrupted.

My suggestions for English version:

Sorry, several lines of dialogue by NPCs have been omitted to avoid "Out of string space" & "String too long in 150" errors.
Modify these lines as below. (Sorry I ignored REM strings because there are many strings that should be translated in English.)

Then type following lines! Particular attention should be paid, or you might get "Out of data in 150" error.

By the modifications described above, each checksum changes as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).

English version! Tested completely!


• If you walk in the forest when your fatigue value is within 100, your HP will recover. The fatigue value will be fully recovered even after only 1 hour of rest.
• If you talk to the black tiles, you will encounter a battle.

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