Takehito Torita
"LOG iN" June 1987 Issue
Space / Trigger 1: Attack.,    GRAPH / Trigger 2: Show the menu.
GRAPH holding Space / Trigger 2 holding Trigger 1: Cast a spell (Projectiles).

The game:

A long time ago. Deep in the Dix Mountains rising above the continent of Dejilda, there was the fortress city of Arogna, built by the ancients.
Arogna, consisting of five castles, was surrounded by natural cliffs and was renowned as an impregnable fortress.
But as time passed and peace came to the continent, Arogna's power waned.
Over the years, the castle fell into decay and no one stayed there any longer.
One day, however, several hunters who got lost on a mountain road and entered Arogna were attacked by monsters.
According to one of the hunters who escaped, Arogna had turned into a monster's lair and was a hellscape.
The king of the continent immediately organized a monster strike force and sent it to Arogna.
However, even the best-trained and strongest of the crew failed to live up to the king's expectations.
Not a single one of them returned alive. This story quickly spread throughout the continent.
The people were trembling with fear that the monster would attack the city at any moment.
Everyone stayed at home and prayed every day.
Then one day, there was a brave man heading for Arogna. ...That is you!
With your silver sword and bronze shield, you are filled with the pride of the strong.
You can slay the red dragon. Be sure to wipe out the enemies and restore peace to the continent.

The 1st file named "DRAGONIA.BIN":

Use the "memory monitoring" program that "MSX Magazine" team coded.
Don't forget to hold CTRL key while turning on your MSX.
Issue 1 (fatal one): If you flee from the final boss, it will be treated as you defeated it. Modify this file as below.
Now you can't flee from the final boss battle anymore.

Issue 2 (minor one): The east-west direction on the compass... Modify this file as below.
dragonia-fix-compass(The main character is facing west.)
The compass always points north, so if you think the red square means north, you don't need to do this modification.
However, it seems unnatural that the blue square is always displayed in the center.
If you think that the blue square is the main character and the red square indicates which direction the main character is facing,
then this modification is essential.

In addition, you can correct the author's typos. Modify this file as below:
Don't forget to compare each checksum with that in the magazine.(Type "D8800".)
Save the file typing following:
For MSXAdvance users, please ignore following.(Use this file only.)

For Disk users:
This game is originally for tape. The program's work area doesn't overlap with the 1st disk's work area,
however, the program forces us to use tape when it save / load the game.
First, modify this file as below:
In addition, create the 2nd, 3rd and 4th files.

The 2nd file named "DRAGONIA.MAC":

Use the "memory monitoring" program that "MSX Magazine" team coded.
Don't forget to hold CTRL key while turning on your MSX.
Don't forget to compare each checksum with that shown above.(Type "DDF00".)
Save the file typing following:

The 3rd file named "DRAGONIA.DAT":

Simply type following. It's because you have to avoid a "File not found" error when you load the 3rd file for the first time.

The 4th file:

Don't forget to hold CTRL key while turning on your MSX, otherwise you get a "Syntax error in 60" when it BSAVEs.
Run this file, then the game will be loaded soon.
For Amiga CD32+FDD users:
AmiMSX can't enlarge sprites of the battle scene (Don't mind).

My suggestions for English version:

The 1st file: Modify the data as below.
dragonia-english-screensFully tested.


• The MAP of Arogna
• Each time one prisoner is brought back to Ralph, the maximum HP is increased.
  There are five prisoners, two of whom have more powerful shields.
• For every 100 EXP earned, you level up and your attack power (AP) increases.
  However, from level 2 onward, defeating an enemy of a lower level than yourself does not increase EXP at all.
• When you become the 3rd level, someone should be able to teach you how to cast a spell.
• It is highly recommended to bring back the 5th prisoner AFTER your level becomes 6,
  otherwise you won't get a special bonus to your attack power.


Shoichi Moriyama
"LOG iN" June 1987 Issue
Program length:
14 screens
*This game originally supports joystick.

For disk users:

This game is originally for tape only. This is because part of the program's area of use overlaps with the disk's work area.
Modify the line #60 as below.
If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will be follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
screen-imas Sorry if there are any typos, but I've tested the game up to the 8th level, and had no problems...

For Amiga CD32 +FDD users:

This game was designed for "Basic Kun" users, so
"Basic Kun.rom" that attached to AmiMSX must be selected for "Slot 1:" in advance.
However, you don't have to enter "CALL BC" or "CALL RUN".

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