Gekiso Racing

Komeya no Cha-cha-cha (米屋のチャチャチャ)
"MSX•FAN" Mar. 1989 Issue
Japanese title name:

(The following is only an English translation of page 46 of the October 1990 issue of "MSX•FAN".)

Creating custom courses:

This information was originally sent by Y.S. in Nagano Prefecture.
The data for each course (course A ~ course H) are in lines #550~620 of the list, and
so we can create new courses by rewriting them directly.

Each course consists of 12 * 12 = 144 tiles. There are 14 types of tiles from "A" to "N":

Tile A
Ground (Out of the course).

Tile B
Shadow of the slope.

Tile C
Shadow of the slope.

Tile D
An overpass.

Tile E
Starting point.

Tile F
A slope.

Tile G
The road forward vertically.

Tile H
The road forward horizontally.

Tile I
Shadow of the overpass.

Tile J
A curve.

Tile K
A curve.

Tile L
A curve.

Tile M
A curve.

Tile N
Shadow of the overpass.

• When you make an overpass, you have to make sure that the road going horizontally passes over the road going vertically.
• Before and after the overpass must be a slope.
• The top left address is (2,2) and the bottom right address is (13,13).

The breakdown of the color palette (34 characters) is as follows:

The 25th, the 27th, the 31st and the 33rd characters must be "0", otherwise they cause graphical glitches.

An example:

Suppose we're going to create a new course (editing the original "A" course) from now.
First we have to draw a new course on a "12x12" graph paper. Then we should convert it into a tile map as below.

This time I color them with the image of "a red car running in the wasteland".
Line #550 becomes as following.


Smile Panic

"MSX•FAN" Oct. 1989 Issue
Program length:
9 screens

For Amiga CD32 users:
AmiMSX and fMSX(Amiga port) can't emulate "On Sprite Gosub" properly.
AmiMSX can't also enlarge sprites.
fMSX(Amiga port) can enlarge sprites, however, it often crashes.
So CD32 users should modify following lines and play the game with AmiMSX.

For SNES+AD adapters:
You don't have to modify the code if you play the game with MSXAdvance.

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