Battle Man

S-II Soft
"MSX•FAN" Apr. 1989 Issue
Space or Trigger 1: Show the menu.   Y or N key: "Yes" or "No" when save / load the game.

The game:

Once upon a time, there was a small village called Roseanne. Every day was peaceful and the villagers lived in peace.
One day, however, a daughter went missing.
One by one, the young girls disappeared, and the peaceful village turned into a village of terror.
Later, it was discovered that the godforsaken incident was the evil work of the world-famous Loli-Taniguchi.
And the father of one of the kidnapped daughters was on his way to exterminate Taniguchi.
Yes, he was one of the soldiers who had made a name for himself as a "Battle Man" in the past.


Particular attention should be paid when typing the line below.
Issue 1: North and South were written backwards. East and West were also written backwards.
Modify the line #710 as below.
Issue 2: The cursor moves too fast.
Modify following lines, but 020 CD32 users don't have to do them.
If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows (using version 2.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
390>147,   600>111,   710>207,   720> 58,   965>193,   1070>  0,   2010>215
For other lines' ones, please refer to the magazine's page.

My suggestions for English version:

First, modify following lines. (Sorry I ignored REM strings.)
Then type following line.
If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will change as follows (using version 2.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
battleman-en-screensFully tested.


• First, check your coordinates with the "LOOK" command. You can find the pencil at the coordinates "North 0, East 0".
• After picking up the pencil, you can select the "MAP" command to see the auto-mapped map and your current location,
  but the "LOOK" command will be disabled instead.
• There are places where you cannot pass without the choker, and conversely,
  there are places where you cannot pass if you have the choker equipped.
  Be careful especially immediately after going down to the second basement floor.

For CD32+FDD users:

Unfortunately, neither "AmiMSX" nor "fMSX"(Amiga port) can emulate "On Sprite Gosub" command.
This scheme was used in the final boss battle. Modify following lines.
It becomes a bit easier, though!

For SNES+AD Adapter users, modern emulator users & real MSX users:

If you double the sprites of the enemy and display them, each monster would look more powerful. Modify following lines.
With the above method, the "On Sprite Gosub" routine doesn't work in the final boss battle properly,
so modify the lines so that collision detection is defined by specifying coordinates instead.
MSXAdvance can't emulate "On Sprite Gosub" routine, so it's just right.

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