Step1: Playing CD32 games on CD32 console

There are 180+ commercial titles released for CD32. Click following thumbnail and see details.

Examples of retail copies:

How to load the game?

Simply insert a retail copy and turn your console on as you did when enjoying other consoles.
If your console is NTSC version, press both of two buttons of Amiga mouse while you boot your CD32 console,
then you can toggle PAL/NTSC signal at Early Startup Control menu.

1. Recommended you to buy Amiga mouse. PD compilation CDs have many games which require Amiga mouse.
2. PAL version console is recommended. It is because 50%+ titles are not compatible with NTSC system.
3. Some titles surely require just 2MB RAM, so you have to remove Analogic FDD in advance. (eg. "Super Stardust" & "Microcosm")
4. Some titles cannot be loaded because the laser is weak. You can replace the laser unit if you want. (eg. "Assassins CD 4")

...Almost titles are just CD32 ports from Amiga500~1200. Unfortunately It seems "CD32 version exclusive" features are very few.
eg1: "Alien Breed 3D" has music which is CD32 version exclusive.
eg2: "Surf Ninjas" and "Brian The Lion" have additional levels which are CD32 version exclusive.
Anyway, you probably might be frustrated because many Amiga titles you want to play are not available as CD32 version.
So I strongly recommend you to go to next step.

Step2: Playing Amiga games on CD32 console

Yes, this is why we bought CD32 console. It is very important that we can play Amiga games we want to play on CD32 console.
You know, all Amiga games should be divided into many classes in advance. See below:

It seems that we can play very few titles out of all Amiga games ?
Don't worry, many games are classified into this "MC68000-MC68030, RTG isn't required" class.
In addition, those games in this class are different in difficulty to boot.
In this website, they are divided into 7 classes (ABD= Level 1 ~ Level 7 ). See below.
"ABD" stands for "Amiga games Booting Difficulty on CD32+FDD" , its description:
Titles released for A1200 / A4000 originally
Titles released for A500 originally
Simply insert a commercial diskette then boot.
Playable with joypad (+ Amiga mouse) only. (It doesn't require a keyboard.)
It would be loaded simply setting "OCS+ Disable CPU Caches" at startup menu.
It requires Amiga keyboard.
It requires Amiga keyboard.
It requires operations on Workbench.
It requires either "relokick1.3" or "Degrader".
If total data amount is more than 880KB, we can't copy it to our own diskettes.
Only we have to do is burn that data to our own CDs (Amiga CD or CD32 format.)
Titles which cannot be load even if we use either "relokick1.3" or "Degrader".
Only we have to do is boot those game using WHDload (CD32 version).
It requires either or both of hard disk and fast RAM (~8MB).
It requires both WHDload and hard disk due to some reasons.
It requires FPU (MC68882), too.

It requires 030 CPU (~50MHz) and fast RAM (~64MB).

Q: Which an accelerator should we buy?
A: It depends. The matter is whether titles require such high spec , and whether you surely want to play such titles. See below, first.
accelerator \
IDE connector
(To connect hard disk)
72pin SIMM connector
(To connect FAST RAM)
Socket for MC68882
(To connect FPU)
Comments from me
fWSI Expansion
( 14MHz
w/o MMU )
It's the most inexpensive,however,
you cannot boot any titles which ABD are Lv.5+ .
Analogic FDD
Yes ( 44pin )
Yes ( max: 8 MB Fast RAM )
( Wicher CD32 is 11.5MB )
You can add both hard disk and FAST RAM.
So you can also boot titles which ABD are Lv.5 .
Wicher CD32
SX-32 Mk II
Yes (PLCC, 33MHz)
You can boot titles which ABD are Lv.6 at most .
Yes ( 40pin )
Yes (PLCC, 50MHz)
(50MHz w/o MMU)
or MC68030
(50MHz w/MMU)
Yes ( 44pin )
( max: 64 MB Fast RAM )

You can boot titles which ABD are Lv.7 at most.
SX-32 Pro
( 25MHz or 40MHz
w/o MMU )
( PSG,
25Mhz or 50Mhz )
SX-32 Pro
(Final version)
( 25MHz or 50MHz
w/ MMU )

There are sooo many commercial titles and freeware (many Amigans call them Public Domain) games, however,
the number of titles which ABD are less than Lv.5 would be approaching 90% (!!) , I guess.
That's why I recommend you buy "Analogic FDD", the most inexpensive unit.

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