ABD=Lv.2 Games


"Alien Breed 3D II": While we connect Analogic FDD, each buttons' function of CD32 pad become wrong.
                                So we have to use keyboard. =Lv.2
"Breathless": It has a manual protect. We have to select letters using function key. =Lv.2
"Globdule": To enter password, we have to use keyboard. It is not impossible to complete the game without passwords,
                  however, that is hardly realized. =Lv.2
"Populous II: The Challenge Games": We don't use keyboard at the manual protection sequence, however,
                                                         we must use keyboard to enter passwords. See above. =Lv.2
"Loads of Time": Keyboard must be required to show menu, otherwise we cannot complete the game. =Lv.2
"Robocop 3": Function keys would be used ingame. =Lv.2

Which keyboard can we use?

CD32's AUX port for keyboard is 6-pin mini-DIN (female).
Official CD32 keyboard (the rarest & the most expensive) is 6-pin mini-DIN (male).
A4000 keyboard is also 6-pin mini-DIN (male), however, it is still expensive than following.
A2000 & A3000 keyboards are 5-pin DIN (male). To use them,
buy an adapter (5-pin DIN female - 6-pin mini-DIN male), too.

For example, I bought A2000 keyboard and an adapter. See below:

In recent years, we can find an adapter which connects CD32 and PC's PS/2 keyboard.
Needless to say, PS/2 keyboard would be the most inexpensive.
I recommend you to choose this method now.

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