ABD=Lv.5 Games


"Genetic Species": At least it requires 8MB Fast RAM and hard disk installed AHI Audio System. =Lv.5
"OnEscapee": It requires 4MB RAM (If chip is 2MB, it requires 2MB Fast.) and hard disk.. =Lv.5
"Putty Squad"(original ADF): It is said that "John Twiddy's Loader" uses very later address of chip RAM.  =Lv.5
"World of Arch": It doesn't require Fast RAM, however, it requires hard disk, otherwise the game wouldn't be saved. =Lv.5
"Ultima V": Original retail version is ABD=Lv.2. Unfortunately, the game saves data to this retail one itself !
                  So, actually we usually have to use WHDLoad. That time we have another issue.
                  Total data is more than 880KB, on the other hand, it is pointless if we burn files to our own CD.
                  It is because save data should be writable. =Need hard disk. =Lv.5

How to load the game?

Confirm its "Minimum Requires" specified in the descriptions on box / instructions.
Then see the main page to know which accelerator should you buy, first.

OS3.5/3.9 games

It seems there are very few games which require OS3.5 or OS3.9 at this time.
OS3.5 (or OS3.9) requires 4MB fast RAM and hard disk.
This thread (external link) would be helpful to know how to install correctly...

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