GravAttack (Amiga)

Basic DATA

Scott Hjalmer Peterson
1P mode only. Instant death. You have 13 ships. No continue. No passwords.
CD32 pad
(Original GravJoy)
CD32 pad
(Modified GravJoy)

Rotate left  
Rotate right  
Red button
Red button
Return to the title screen 
For CD32+FDD users:
Download gravattack.lha from aminet. Create a blank diskette in advance.
Extract gravattack.lha and open "GravJoy" file using a binary editor. Modify it as I show below:

Thus you can thrust by pressing Red button of your CD32 pad. Copy all files to your diskette.
In addition, create "Libs" , "C" and "S" folder in that disk. Then copy following:
mathtrans.library (to "Libs" folder)
Run & Stack (to "C" folder)
startup-sequence (to "S" folder. Use the one supplied in gravattack.lha . Move it to df0:s from df0: . )
Here is my example ADF. Use it if you want to save your time ;)
First, insert relokick1.3 disk and boot your CD32. Otherwise the bottom of the screen would glitch and hard to play!
After kick.rom is loaded, eject relokick1.3 disk and reset. The floppy diskette screen would be shown.
Finally insert that diskette you've created above. The game would be loaded automatically.

A Public Domain version of "Dr. Plummet's House of Flux"

 This game was originally shareware that Scott Peterson created as a summer job in 1988.
 You could get full game at that time, however,
 Scott send information of bonus points to you after you sent money to him.
 Unfortunately he died at the young age during his first commercial development,
 "Dr. Plummet's House of Flux".
 It was March 19 in 1989.
 In 1990, Richard McGowen also redistribute that shareware version "GravAttack"
 as a Public Domain.

 You know that "Oids" was the first title
 as 16 bit computer game inspired by "Gravitar".
 It was released in 1987 as commercial game for Atari ST.
 As Amiga games, this "GravAttack" was the first one.
 Fortunately for Amiga users, it was a free game, and had some nice features:
  • The power of gravity changes at different levels.
  • The direction of gravity changes at different levels.
  • Each level has specific tiles for walls and backgrounds.
  • Secret bonus points are hiding.
   "Local Secret Bonus" hides in a specific level.

    For example, you can earn 600 fuel & 2000 points
    after you complete the 9th level without destroying any turrets.
    "Universal Secret Bonus" hides in all levels.
    For example, you can get 1 ship after you get a specific key first.

 The aim of the game is collect all keys in each level.
 After several early levels, you will notice that a lack of fuel is a critical factor.
 After your fuel runs out, the game would be over
 even if many ships remain!
 Needless to say you must find many secret bonus points as possible
 if you want to play later levels on your real hardware (= without saving states).

Other screenshots:

Level 4
Level 5
Level 6

"GravAttack" has 17 levels in total. You can see all of them at "Dr. Plummet's House of Flux" page.
The hardest level was also included in "GravAttack", so it's enough to download it
if you are only searching for "hardest game ever made".

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