Hoi (Amiga)

It's been more than 10 years since I began to buy harder platformers.
It's a game that the man who dedicated his 20s to difficult games was impressed at the end.

"What is the hardest game ever made?"...
It is not easy to find the answer to this proposition.
I asked an unspecified number of people, "Please tell me the difficult game",
and I can only find "the game with the largest number of people who think it is difficult".
If we misunderstand above, we get stuck in the trap. However, don't ignore that information.
The same person must play through all of them, and provisionally set the hierarchy of difficulty.
Moreover, it must be seen objectively, for example, by deciding on how many people will be able to beat the game
if this is challenged by 1000 randomly selected men and women of all ages with real machines.
I had intended to continue my hard work to answer my own questions.
Commercial release products for retro-game generation's consoles.
From the beginning, this website was thoroughly focused on being an officially sold product with a box & instructions.

Now, I or you, that it makes no sense to make an unusually unreasonable browser game, publish it,
and declare "This is the most difficult game in the world." consider.
Even if it was the decent products that actually lined up in the store, they were "Eh! Why is it so difficult?"
...isn't this interesting, is it?
In addition, I wonder if the emotions that boil up when you find that "the hardest game"
are neither "surprise" nor "fear", but "convincing".

And let's examine the "answer" that I've given.
Including the difficulty setting and the second loop,
it was the game.com version of "Batman & Robin"(Nightmare mode), and the default difficulty game was the CD32 version "Battletoads".
However, in reality, the former is a result of the unreasonable small number of tries and continues,
and in the latter case, in addition to that, problems such as unreasonable operating methods and controller limits are added.
...Well, this is also a question to ask myself, but I want to say to you challenged the same proposition, "Is this what you wanted?"
Somehow, isn't there a game that seems like "This is a difficult game, amazing!"?


However, there was a product that was very close to that.
Since it's an Amiga game, it's outside the range of consoles, but since it runs on "CD32" console, it seems like it can be handled on this site as well.
This time, I will introduce a game called "Hoi".

One thing to note is that this game is still highly regarded by Amiga fans.
Originally the original version was released in 1992.
As its AGA compatible (enhanced its numbers of background colors) version, the popular name "Hoi AGA" (or "Hoi remix") was distributed in the public domain in 1993,
and is still available for download from aminet.net.
This "Hoi AGA" is easy to play because you can select all stages from the beginning and set the number of tries so that it does not decrease.
So it's said that it's amazing (compared to DOS products at the time) about things like mega demos that are found everywhere in game, and the music.
(Actually, the game content and map design themselves are also good, but there are not many people who can praise it after completing it without any cheats.)

What I would like to emphasize this time is the fact that the original version is very difficult.
What I say by myself is that there is a special skill that I acquired as a person who continued to face the theme of "difficult games".
At the only first glance at an unknown title for me, I can see that this is it.
There is no doubt about this title.

Regarding the difficulty of the original version:

The following rules are applied in the original version.

• For Level 1~4, you can only select the level that you have already reached.

• Final Level 5 cannot be selected. You can only reach it by completing Level 4.

• The initial value of the remaining number of tries changes depending on "which level to restart from".
   It is "9" for Level 1, "7" for Level 2, "5" for Level 3, "3" for Level 4, and "Infinite" for Level 5.

• The record of "which stage has been reached" is erased when the main power is turned off.

This means that once you reach Level 5, you will sooner or later win.
Needless to say, the matter is that it's hellishly difficult to complete "Level 4" with "within 3 misses".

In this game, if you meet certain conditions in the "Bonus Room" I mention on a different page (=1up),
or collect "7" specific items  designated in each stage (=3up), you will get extra tries.
The latter is, for example, the “diamond” in Level 1.
However, these special items are "rewards" at the back of the branch,
and collecting them all is much harder than clearing them normally.
(Rather, it is a self-satisfaction factor that should be challenged in the second and subsequent plays.)

So when the game is over on the current stage, I have to say it's not a good idea to start over from Level 1.
Because there is no limit of the number of continues after the game is over,
you will think that you have no choice but to work hard on that stage with the "determined number of tries".
Considering that, "Level 4" is extremely difficult.

To experience the difficulty of the original version:

It is not recommended to purchase the "commercial edition (2 diskette set)" in the overseas second hand market.
A following bug have been confirmed, and I have seen the existence of a replaced diskette that has fixed that bug on eBay.

The original version had been published as a free game on the creator's site.
Two ADF files could be downloaded.
However, if you transfer them into two diskettes and boot from the first diskette,
that diskette cannot be replaced because it is always being read on the disk switching instruction screen!
This problem does not occur in an emulator environment such as WinUAE, umm... sorry!
CD32+FDD users should follow the procedure below...

Download "Hoi AGA", decide rules and play:

You have 3 choices to play this public domain called "Hoi AGA".

• The version on aminet.net is a collection of files, not in ADF format.
  If you decompress it on the RAM of CD32, you do not need to worry about changing each file name.

• Another method is to transfer the "Hoi AGA" ADF on the web into a single 880KB floppy disk.

• There is also a DMS file named "Hoi Remix" in "Archives" section that can be accessed from the Workbench menu of the "Assassins CD 2" software for CD32.
  Insert the blank 880KB diskette and press the Enter key to complete the "Hoi AGA" diskette.

If you set the remaining number of tries as follows and start the game, it is the same difficulty as the original version.
If you start from...
Remaining # of tries
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
By the way, when changing the remaining number of tries, it will not be changed unless you press the Enter key and delete the square mark next to the number.

If you start the game on the day, be sure to start from Level 1, follow the above-mentioned setting of the number of tries,
and enter Level 5 only from Level 4, so it can be said that it is the original version itself.
In "Hoi AGA" you will return to the first menu immediately after completing each stage, though!

D-pad "Left"/"Right": Move left and right,   D-pad "Up": Jump,   D-pad "Down": Move some moving floors down (Level 2)
Red button: Special.
The Red button has different effects depending on the situation.
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