Hoi (Amiga)

"Each effects pressing the Red button" LIST

[ Level 1 ]
Tilt a switch. It'll open up a path, or an enemy will appear.

[ Level 1 ]
If you get an item like a spinning top, you can throw it.
The screen scrolls down so you can see what's going on below.

[ Level 1 ]
Operate the elevator.

[ Level 2 ]
Connect the conductor cables. Gimmicks including traps would work.

[ Level 2 ]
You can attack in this bonus room. Aim the bomb, not the balloon part.

[ Level 2 ]
A very few movable platforms can be moved in that direction
by pressing the D-pad while pressing the Red button.

[ Level 3 ]
You can attack by shooting bullets.
The surroundings of the bullets are bright, so in the dark they also act as lights.

[ Level 3 ]
You can shoot the laser toward right above in this bonus room.
If you miss even one alien, you cannot earn the bonus.

[ Level 3 ]
In the scene of solving puzzles with the technique of altercation,
switch the character.

[ Level 4 ]
Picking up or placing bombs.
Ignite by holding down the Red button while carrying.

[ Level 4 ]
Pick up the key. You will be able to pass through a locked wall.

[ Level 4 ]
Pick up an oxygen cylinder. Now you can stay in the water forever.
Oxygen meter begins to decrease when you switch to another item in the underwater.

[ Level 4 ]
Throw lures in this mini game. The missed blue fish bites the bottom of the boat.
If you accidentally catch a spike ball, the life of the ship will be significantly shortened.

[ Level 4 ]
In this memory game,
you can change the color by pressing the Red button directly while standing above each light.
You can press the Red button at the switch below to get answers.

[ Level 4 ]
Jump with the baby carriage.
Only in this scene, jump is not the D-pad "Up".

As you can see, it is full of various gimmicks.
Normally, you can't even attack, but what's this "feeling of having fun just by controlling your action"!
There are so many different scenes that you will never get bored.
That's why it is highly recommended for you who want to play a game like "Battletoads" at a higher difficulty than NES version of "Battletoads".
Think you were fooled and try it! You'll be hooked for a few weeks!

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