ELF (Amiga)

Ate in the depths of hell, it's a flavor of mental breakdown.

If 10,000 randomly selected men and women of all ages challenge the game,
no doubt, all 10,000 people will say "difficult", finally, I finally met such a game.
If there was a person who answered "it was not difficult",
it would be superhuman or something.
I don't think it's a human anyway.

There is only the default difficulty (normal mode) without difficulty setting.
That is the super-difficulty of super-"SS"-class.
A genuine product with a box, instructions and EAN code that was officially released as commercial.
What do we want more than this?

By the way, I have been searching for “what is the most difficult sideview platformer” for over 10 years.
If I'd already had some insight into the Amiga game in the 1980s,
the quest for that question, which is the biggest hobby for the author, can be said to be close to life,
but in fact, it was completed in 1988 as an "answer" came out...?
Thinking that way, it becomes a game that makes me wonder what the earth my life was.
You guys who suffer from similar anxieties, it's this title!
I have to say "This is IT!!".

Oops! The ABD based on this website is "Lv.4".

The above image is the original version released in 1988,
but it wouldn't be loaded normally even if you use relokick1.3 or degrader.
Then, the next step to take is to rely on WHDLoad.

"ELF" is a very standard Amiga DOS type game.
The installer for "ELF" is also made to refer to DATA instead of the disk image.
However, the volume name referenced by this installer is "Boxing:" instead of "ELF:", the original version's volume name.

In addition to the original version of "ELF," there is a "Mega Pack II" version (right image), but its volume name was "Boxing:".
This means that this installer is made for the "Mega Pack II" version, not the original version.
By the way, the RawDIC also works when installing, so it seems that the "Mega Pack II" version is also copy-protected.

The poor nature and cumbersome controls of "Elf":

Based on the above, the game starts now. ...Let's explain the situation!
The elf got lost in the Royal Wood and angered the pumpkin king "Begrudgingly".
The elf was given the penalty of "searching for and obtaining two golden pumpkin hemispheres within 24 hours."
"Yeah, ok, I do my best"...such a situation.

But it's harder than you think to lead a poor moving and difficult-to-control the elf that starves to death in just 100 seconds in the real world to a golden pumpkin that you don't know where it is.
For the time being, I tried to reproduce the map around the starting point of the game by capturing screens, so for reference.

Weapons (+2 arrows per 1 item), spells (+4 times per 1 item), food (+2 per 1 item), scrolls with hints and passwords written are placed at key points.
When the elf dies of starvation, food returns to the default setting of "2", but when he dies other than that, he returns from the head of the area by the remaining food amount when he dies last.
Based on them, we go through various places through trial and error while dying and dying to find the optimal strategy.
That is the rough strategy for this game.
On the other hand, speaking of along the way, that is, each individual strategy.
Each map looks like the map of NES version of 'Dragon's Lair' with a reduced scale, and was added a vicious trap, terrain, and much more intense enemies' placement.
So each screen would make you force to feel like you bite and taste one screen full of places to "memorize after dead" and "die even if you remember"...
Even if your trapezius screams past your stiff shoulder, it's still not enough.
It will be also able to say that immediately you will run out three lives.
The player's "time", "vitality" and even "spirit" are eroded.

>>The Pumpkin Castle (Part I)

>>The Pumpkin Castle (Part II)

…After repeated nightmares and despair, even if somehow got the last password “Password8”, it would be completely different to say “Is it nearly complete?!".
The map of the final areas group is presented only as an image.   >>Pumpkin's Castle (Part III)
I don't add any spoilers. Just no comment! (Lol)

It is unavoidable and important to be twisted your body around in the ultimate hell ahead the point where the final password was presented.
In other words, it is just a "minimum requirement".
To find out why, read the link below.

>>Another small world, "The Game"

After you read the link, you'll know at the very least that players need luck and strategy in addition to god-awful controls.

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