ELF (Amiga)

The Pumpkin Castle ( Part: I )

The Pumpkin Castle has a structure that is divided into a first half and a second half, centering on the abomination “Magic Spider Web” called “Network”.
As soon as you enter the castle, you will feel the traps become more insidious.
In particular, "Network" is unforgettably radical,
and pale lights (immediate death traps) advances over the background lattice "at the shortest distance to the elf" "at a speed faster than the elf's walking speed".
Of course not only you'll have to run and run away so they can't catch up, but also you'll need to deliberately guide them to trap them grid breaks or between terrain.

Were you still able to reach the second half of the castle?
...You have to go to the Walkway area to get to the Tombs area.
To go to the Walkway...
If you don't mind spoilers, read the links below.

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And "motivation" turns into "dread" again...

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