ELF (Amiga)

The Pumpkin Castle ( Part: II )

After you were relieved to be able to get "Password6" in "Tombs" area, immediately your quest would be in the latter half of the castle aiming for the final password, "Password8".
There are two routes from where "Password6" resumes to "Password8" at the end of "Yard" area.
The first route is via "Chamber". "Password7" is prepared here, and there are many items to be acquired.
It is a magnificent hell that boasts the largest area in the game, and its difficulty is no longer human's region.
In the first place, you need to avoid Network's traps with ultimate controlling moves to get into "Chamber".

The other route is a shortcut via "Stairs" area.
Even though it's a shortcut, not to run out of your attacks on the first floor of the Gallery, you'll have to go to "Shaft" and get items there via"Network", just like "Chamber" route.
Still, there is no way to safely defeat the two crocodile-faced big enemies at the bottom of "Stairs", and at the best you will die once, usually twice.
So you'll feel the pressure that you can't afford to make mistakes elsewhere.

Choose whichever you like or whichever suits you better. (...No way!!)

There are only four "1UP" items in this game.
One of them is placed in "Chamber", but to get it you have to pass the second floor of "Gallery".
White glitter keeps producing skeletons, and red glitter keeps dangerous floating enemies at regular intervals.
If you could run and quickly overlap each other while they are not born, the glitter will disappear.
The second floor of "Gallery" is short but boasts the almost same difficulty as "Chamber".
You are free to go get "1UP",though...

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