Fortress Underground

You can assume of it as a clone of "Fort Apocalypse" that hit for C64,
but Atari 8bit machine version and C64 version were coded by different coder each other, and they are completely different games.
The Atari 8bit machine version had no gravity in the first place and the player controlled a hovering bike,
and the C64 version was a helicopter, but it was still a work suitable for humans.

This page features deadly Amiga version.
It can be said that it is the work that made the game of "Fort Apocalypse" type to the ultimate difficulty,
because "Zzzep" and "Spaceport" (even these are the difficulty levels that ordinary people can not talk about at all) will look like children,
we have no choice but to laugh.

Your helicopter is horizontal only when moving horizontally (at that time, press the Red button to shoot a bullet to the side),
otherwise it is always facing vertically (the down key + Red button shoots a bullet directly below).
Therefore, it is not the property of avoiding the terrain while intentionally switching the direction of your helicopter.

The purpose of the game is to destroy the core at the final point, and you need to toggle the switches at various points to open the way.
When switching, align the x-coordinate with the object and descend to a position just one dot above the object.
The same goes for the refueling point and the resurrection point.

On CD32+FDD that comply with A1200, boot from "relokick 1.3" disk in advance.
Otherwise, the behavior of the bullet shot by your helicopter will be strange, and you will not be able to refuel with the above timing.

The number of the level in this game is "1" to be exact, but in reality,
it is a game that moves back and forth in a vast map (the back of the box says "640 screens!"), so it is not a short game.
On this website, a schematic diagram of the map of this game is created here.
Based on that, the flow of the whole game is divided into 9 phases, and you shall be understood as 9 levels.
(The starting point is the upper left corner.)

Phase1: Until you tilt the switch () to the right. You have to go through "hell" from left to right.
Phase2: Until you tilt the switch () to the right.
Phase3: Until the switch () is pulled. You have to pass through "hell" again to reach the lower right area of the map.
Phase4: Until you down the switch (). There is a difficult spot that you must dot-operate just before the switch.
Phase5: Until the switch () is pressed. You must go back the way you came, including the above mentioned difficult spot!
Phase6: Until you tilt the switch () to the left. A long narrow passage that goes around the bottom left of the huge map.
Phase7: Until you tilt the switch () to the left.
Phase8: Until returning to near the starting point. You have to go through "hell" from right to left.
Phase9: Until you reach the final point (the place with the "?" mark).

Anyway, if you want to play a game that boasts the highest level of difficulty in this field,
just leave it the corner of your brain, saying that you should try this "Fortress Underground".
It is an especial tremendous title in the work that is certified as superhuman if it can be completed on the actual machine (without cheating).

A moving walled area that this website asserts to be "hell".
The helicopter is a little faster than the speed of the wall, so it is necessary to stop for a moment just before catching up with the wall in front,
but at that time the altitude drops due to gravity, so you have to adjust the altitude when you stop,
but the gap between the upper and lower walls and your machine is only 2 dots, which is severe.
You'll crash into the wall above immediately if the up key is pressed a little bit longer!
We can't believe that we have to go through this hellish area three times before the game is completed, can we?

There has never been, nor will there ever be, a single human who has displayed this screen on the actual machine.
(If there has been, it may not be a human being.)

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