Hironymus Jumpshoe
GFX & SFX by
DJ Braincrack & The Orgasms
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Shoot   P key: Pause(Don't press.)

Originally it was a coverdisc for the 3rd issue of Amiga magazine "Amiga Fun" by CompuTek in Germany.
The copyright holder, CompuTek, has a history of later distributing these cover disc games for free.
This "Zzzep" is also released as freeware "PD Soft #4306" without exception.
At this time, a cheat menu was added by a third party.
Since it is free, transfer that ADF file into your own diskette and try it.

In case of CD32+FDD, it is necessary to launch "relokick 1.3" in advance.
In addition, the genuine 6 button pad of Mega Drive is recommended because it is not enough to talk about the genuine CD32 pad.
A direction pad with good operability should be used!
(You'll see why before scrolling to the bottom of this page.)
You can pause with the P key on the Amiga keyboard, but after resume the game, the speed slows down and it will no longer be at its original speed.

Control complexity based on this site: III

Facing right.
At this time, if you press the Red button (B button on the Mega Drive pad), you will shoot a bullet to the right.

When you get off the narrow road in the left screen as it is, you will hit both sides. (= instant death)
To rotate facing vertically, press the opposite direction (the left key in the case of this screen) strongly.
If you don't press it enough, your ship simply move it to the left while facing right.
(Of course, there are many places where it is better to move slightly without changing direction.)

Facing vertically state. It can be seen that the width of the aircraft is somewhat narrower than when it was turned sideways.
In this state, you can pass through narrow passages.
Also, if you press the Red button (B button) at this time, you will shoot a bullet directly below.

It can be moved up and down and left and right in this state.
When you press the left and right keys, press the left and right keys as if you were tapping them lightly.
If force is applied, the ship will turn to that direction.

For example, the point in the left screen.
A blue-green ball is also an obstacle, but if you break it, you get 1 UP.
However, since it comes from the vertical hole in the upper right, you cannot break that ball from the right.
(The moment you turn to the left, your ship will crash into that ball or wall.)
Therefore, you will pass under the ball while facing vertically.
In the middle of this, as soon as the left key is input strongly,
your ship will turn to the left and will collide with that ball or wall.
If you destroy the drum in the left screen, the fuel will be refilled.
Any turrets and droids cannot be destroyed in this game.

Level 1 MAP

The selling point of this game is an artistic and demon-like murderous map structure. Is adrenaline coming out just by looking at it, isn't it?

Why are we trying to go on an airship through like this fucking place?!

...Such doubts don't make sense, and the initial number of tries given to the player is "2 times" only.
It's too painful that there are no revival points along the way, but when the number of tries is exhausted, it goes to the title screen.
You can see the true value of insane high difficulty like this title after you know that actually there is no room for fuel.
If you can clear it on the actual machine (without cheating), you will be certified as a superhuman.

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