It is a clone of "Fort Apocalypse" that was hit with C64, and it is a gem that embodies what happens if it becomes intensely difficult.
The time was 1987, and even though it was a 16-bit machine, the Amiga game was still in the process of developing,
and its graphic had a slightly old-fashioned impression.  Boot "relokick 1.3" disk in advance.

Control complexity based on this site: III

A state facing the left.
At this time, press the Red button (B button on the mega drive pad) to shoot a bullet to the left.
To face vertically, press the direction opposite to the direction you are facing once.
(Press the right key in the case of the left screen.)
Because your helicopter surely becomes facing vertically every pressing the direction opposite,
it can be said that the operability is good in this sense.
However, it is not possible to move a bit backwards while the orientation is fixed.

A state facing vertical.
It can be seen that the width of the aircraft is slightly narrower than when it was turned sideways.
In this state, you can pass through narrow passages.
Also, if you press the Red button (B button) at this time, you will shoot a bullet directly below.

It is possible to move up and down and finely move left and right in this state,
but the left key and the right key are within the range of 2 to 5 times.
The problem is that you don't know how many times you have to press left/right key to turn to the side.

The left image is a figure where your helicopter turned to the right
when the right key was pressed 5 times from the state of the upper left scren.
It may turn right by the second time, and may turn by the third time.
This can be also said with the left key, and unless the rule decision around here is clear,
it must be said that the operability is difficult.

For example, the point in the left screen.
This is a situation where you want to avoid traps by moving slightly in a narrow passage that is dangerous unless it is facing vertically.
At this time, if you turned sideways unintentionally, you crashed into a wall or trap.

Fuel is not refilled along the way. If you run out, the game is over and you will go to the title screen.
Floating droids can be destroyed, but turrets cannot.

Level 1 MAP

The game's selling point is its artful, hellishly intricate map structure. Is adrenaline coming out just by looking at it, isn't it?

Although it is clearly less difficult than "Zzzep" when compared the 1st level with each other,
you will be still certified as a superhuman if you can complete the game on the actual machine (without cheating).

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