These ZX Spectrum product tapes shown here does not contain protection schemes.
Load the tape into the tape recorder connected to the audio port of Analogic FDD, run "Spectrum Emulator v1.7"
and enter LOAD "" ( ("J", "Alt+P", "Alt+P" on the Amiga keyboard).  Immediately press the play button on the tape recorder.
When one side of the tape have been played, press the stop button to stop the tape.
The loading is completed and the game begins. (Details)
Furthermore, titles introduced here has been permitted by each right holder regarding free download from WOS.
If you don't care about the actual product, you can also download the tape image (TZX),
decompose it into ".header" and ".bytes" files, and load it with "Spectrum Emulator v1.7" or "ZXAM". (Details)
I'll also add information about the game speed on CD32 without RAM expansion you feel.
If you want to play the game on SNES+AD adapter, you'll have to start by making a tape image (TZX).
If you download TAP file, try this method.
The game speed is comparable to ZX Spectrum actual machine, so I recommend it.

Plum Duff

Loading sequence:
PLUM DUFF.header>PLUM DUFF.bytes>MERRY XMAS.header>MERRY XMAS.bytes>unnamed.bytes>unnamed_2.bytes
(Use ZXAM.)
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.
*You can use CD32 pads / MD pads.(Select "2. Use Kempston" on the first menu screen)
*Selecting "5. Spectrum 128" from "6. Select soundbox" on the first menu screen will cause music to play during the game (originally a 128K environment).
  This can also be used to play music when playing with ZXAM.

One day in the year you had to have one over the eight.
Santa Claus is tipsy and all the presents have been wrongly delivered.
So by landing your sleigh on a roof it's back down the chimneys, taking care not to wake any of the little kids wandering around.
Find the presents, pick them up by pressing the fire button and put them in the right stockings.
Of course there is the added bonus of all the mince pies you can scoff and the extra wine you can drink.
But beware, some people have no sense of occasion and the man-eating plants they have bought for their Mother's-In-Law may find you their first Christmas pudding!
It's up to you to make sure the 32 kids in this particular street don't wake up to a Christmas that is nothing more than.....Plum Duff!

...In fact, "there are 32 houses in this village".
When you enter each house, a "Letter to Santa" is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen so you can guess what to put in that house's socks.
But the gift that should be put exists in another house.

What makes the game even more difficult is the random placement of the enemies in the reindeer sled scene.
You can't identify a house by only the placement of the enemies, so you shall know where you are based on the color of the house and the position of the chimney and antenna, and in the first place, it can be difficult to even get into the chimney while dodging enemies by improvising.

Each house consists of three rooms on the first floor: the room to the left (your starting point is here),
the room to the right, and the second floor.
There are two things to do: put a correct gift (brought from the other houses)
in the socks and collect a gift (which should be delivered to the other houses).
To do this, you'll have to climb the tree, the post clock, and proceed grabbing ceiling Christmas ornaments.
Most of the objects on the screen are available for some use.
Every time you collide with a harmful plant or inhabitant, you lose "1" HP.
The behavior of the inhabitants is completely random and you don't know even when they will turn around.
Moreover, they sleep in bed and wake up. It's all at the whim of each person, or in other words, random.
To make matters worse, each person can move from one room to another.
If you move to the edge of the screen to get to the next room, you' may bump into each other.

Only 1 try, no continues, your HP is "6", and no means of healing your HP exists.
I'll say it again. There are no healing items.
No kidding! Do you know how long it will take to redistribute gifts correctly to all 32 houses?

Figuring out "what each house wants" is the minimum requirement, so I'll summarize them here.

House #
Message for you
What should be delivered:
Dear Santa, We would like a glove puppet.
Thankyou alot.
Glove puppet

Hey Santa, How's about a really fab computer
for christmas? Brux
ZX Spectrum
A gift is in the chest
of drawers.

Dear Mr.Christmas, Can we please have some
dressing up clothes. Love Francine and Maizy.
Nurse outfit

Dear Sir, Can I have a soft teddy bear please.
From Eugene.
Cuddly toy

Dear Santa a humming top please if you may
thankyou from Paul
Humming tap

Tu Santa, Us want sum bilding briks plese.
Play bricks

Dear Mr.Claus I want to snozzle a wozzle.
Teddy & book

Please Santa, could you bring me a paintbox or
some crayons. O.Frey.

Dear Father Christmas, For Christmas we would
very much like to have a skipping rope.
Skipping rope

Dear Mr.Xmas  Can we have a two piece jigsaw..
a piece each. From Sally & Jake

Give us some skittles

House #
Message for you
What should be delivered:
Dear Santa, I would love to have a horses head
on a stick. Love from Anne.
Hobby horse
A gift is in the shed
under the stairs.

Dear Santa Claus,
Can we please have a clockwork train.
Train set

To Dear Santa, Kan you aford a wip and topvis year?
From Rod,Jane,Freddy,Joe,Bessy and Fanny
Whip 'n tap

Can I have a hammer and a saw and a chiset and
some nails. Signed Martin Biff.

To Santa. Please give me a action man.
Jim & Morris.
Action man

My name is Claudia and I would please like
a little miss mend-it box. From Claudia.
Sewing set

We want a home for our dollies.
Doll's house

Dear Father Christmas, Can I have a nice
new bat please? From Geoffrey
Cricket bat

Please could we have lots of sweets to eat.
Selectian box

Dear Santer, The usual please.
Socks & hanky

Dear Santa Xmas, Our hobby is playing football
but we haven't got one.

House #
Message for you
What should be delivered to this house:
To Santa Claus, I would very much enjoy playing
with a jerk in a box. Love and kisses, Robin.
Give us a bored game to play as we like playing
bored games. Quentin Gilbert.
Can I please have one like Hank Marvin's.
P. Gibble.
For Santa, My friend neksdor askt for sum
soljers so ill hav a bubil set insted. by phil
Bubble Set
Dear Christmas, Please,please,please could I have
what I asked for in your grotty. Colin McConnell
Toy soldiers
I would have a mama doll.
Happy Christmas from Debra.
Talking Doll
Please give me something I can play in the
school band. I hope you like the sherry.
To father Christmas, I would like a bake me
a cake kit please. From your bestest friend, Fiona.
Pastry set
Dear St.Nicholas. One would be extremely grateful
to aquire a hi-fi system this Yuletide.
Yours sincerely, Percival.
Tape player
Please bring me if at all possible,something to
expand my car collection. Fred Giles.
Model car

To be clear, this won't be enough to complete the game.
In order to deal with the aforementioned accidents due to randomness, it's also essential to know the structure of each house, down to the placement of the socks and gifts.
However, to our terrify, a contents of the gift would change every time. Who earth can complete the game?!

Official Father Christmas

Loading sequence:
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: No problem.
*You can use CD32 pads / MD pads.

It is Christmas Eve and Santa is preparing to deliver all the presents to children all over the world. There are only a couple of things he must do before he sets off.
Santa must collect all the parts of the sleigh.
Unfortunately Santa's Elves are a mischievous lot and love to play tricks,
they have hidden all the pieces of the sleigh somewhere in Santa's workshop.
As Santa you must collect all the pieces to build the sleigh,
but if you bump into one of the elves he will snatch back the piece and run off and hide it again.

ZX Spectrum version
C64 version
Ingame music
Level 1
 your sled."

Collect 8 parts in total.
Up to two elves appear at the same time,
but they can't climb up/down the ladder.

Collect 5 parts in total.
Only one Elf can appear at a time,
but he can climb up/down the ladder.
Level 2
"Get gifts."
The falling speed of each gift is slow.
The falling speed of each gift is fast.
Level 3
deliver them."

It takes place in four locations in America, Africa,
Asia (Arab) and Europe.

It takes place in  five locations in the United States,
Europe, Africa, snow country and Finland.

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