Xmas games on retro consoles (2016 Xmas)

In this xmas, 8 free xmas games were released for ZX Spectrum!
There are 2 ways that you can play them on retro consoles.
CD32+FDD users:
First, you must create a snapshot file. Copy them and ZXAM (recommended) to your own diskette.
SNES+AD Adapter(White version) users:
First, you must create a snapshot file. To do so, load the game on the emulator for Windows first, then save a snapshot file.
Next, create gba file using ZXAdvance. Copy that gba file to your own micro SD card inserted into AD Adapter(White version).

WOOT! ZXmas Tape Magazine 2016

We can see that 7 Christmas games were released for this special issue.

APSP DROP! (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 2016
 Author: Daves Hughes
  Stones, scissors and papers fall down. Before they fall down onto the ground,
  you must kill them by transforming your character into paper, stone block & scissors.
  You can also transform your character into the mouth, then you can eat xmas food.
  Especially turkey would be nice. It's because all enemies would change into 1 kind of
  enemy / item for a while after once you eat turkey . While that bonus time,
  you don't have to change your form. Just kill / eat many enemies / food.
  Every you gain your points, the falling speed of each enemy would become higher.
  I gave up temporally after my last challenge got 300+ points.

Christmas Mag. Hunt (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 2016
 Author: Stephen Nichol

  Do you remember "Christmas Gift Hunt" released in 2015 ?
  This game is a special edition of that. All xmas gifts have been replaced by magazines.
  Some evil snowmen have also been replaced by new enemies, soldiers!
  Like an original version, "Christmas Gift Hunt", you should be careful
  when you walk beside the wall. Once Santa is caught in it and can't move as you expect.
  Soon you should leave from the wall, then run away from enemies.

Colin's Crimbo Caper! (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 2016
 Author: Dave Hughes
  Avoiding xmas themed enemies, collect all xmas gifts within a limited time.
  These features are very similar to "Crimbo", which was released for the same system,
  ZX Spectrum 6 years ago. But this one would be much harder.
  You can climb a ladder, however, cannot get down a ladder.
  It means that you must think seriously about the correct route collecting items.
  In addition, it would not be easy to avoid some enemies. Good luck,
  this game would be still one recommended out of 7 xmas games in WOOT 2016.

Crappy Crates (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 7, 2016
 Author: The Death Squad [External LINK]
  Hmm, its graphics look superb this time, too.
  ( In my opinion, this author is surely refined as a graphician.)
  Unfortunately, actually this game seems very hard to play.
  "Sokoban" clone with enemies would be new style and nice idea, however,
  that essential "Sokoban" part was sooo boring.
  In normal "Sokoban" style games, we push a box. This game is the reverse.
  The main character can throw a box by suplex, huh?

Merry Christmas From Horace (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: November 28, 2016
 Author: Steve Broad (My Cat Software) [External LINK]
  Collect 10 xmas gifts avoiding many enemies in each level. Its style is simple and fun.
  Although official document says Kempston pad is compatible,
  actually nothing happens even if we press Fire button of CD32 pad.
  So ZXAdvance's configuration is strongly recommended.
  (Yes, We should play this game on SNES, not CD32 ! )
  The game itself was really playable than I expected.
  Perhaps xmas objects and enemies who explodes made the game exciting.
  Slipping ice platforms are also nice idea.

Rally Xmas (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 2016
 Author: Dave Hughes
  It's a simple CAR race style game. You can control the car which is turkey shaped.
  In addition, you must avoid deadly red bars. Just jump over them.
  You must "small jump" and "large jump" properly.
  For SNES+AD Adapter users, these jump action would be very hard.
  It is because your turkey wouldn't jump instantly after you press a button!

Santa's Quick Drop (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 2016
 Author: textvoyage
  You must press a correct key immediately when Santa comes just above each chimney.
  For example, see the screenshot on the left.
  You have to press "Q" key at the first chimney. Next "T" key at the second one.
  Press "H" key at the third one. Immediately that level would be completed!
  Even 1 fail takes you the title screen, the game would be all over.
  For SNES+AD Adapter users, use ZXAdvance when you creating .gba file,
  then use Virtual keyboard. It would be no problem by that method.

Zombo's Christmas Capers (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 9, 2016
 Author: Malcolm Kirk [External LINK]

  Control Zombo, looks like green monster "Grinch",
  collecting xmas gifts and keys. Finally defeat evil Santa.
  Even though it has low difficulty and small-scale map,
  strongly recommended as xmas game, I think.
  Game style itself is very similar to "Christmas Gift Hunt" released in 2015,
  however, many xmas objects make us feel Xmas indeed.

Christmas game also comes for Amiga user.
CD32+FDD users: Simply transfer ADF to your own diskette, then boot from that disk.

Max Knight Xmas Edition (Amiga)

 Release date: December 14, 2016
 Author: Pixel Nation [External LINK]
  This is a demo version of "Max Knight", new game in 2017.
  Due to participation in the competition called AmiGameJam2016,
  its tiles look xmas atmosphere. To my surprise, this game was created by damned Backbone.
  Aaaggghhh, why every Backbone games force us to jump by D-pad "UP" ?!
  Therefore I created my custom ADF using "joy2key2" program.
  I was going to assign Fire button as "arrow up" ($4C), however, nothing happens!
  Very disappointing. All I could do was using both CD32 pad and Amiga keyboard.
  I used to press "arrow up" of Amiga keyboard instead of Fire button.
  Its graphics and music are well-done, though.

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