Freeware of ZX Spectrum introduced here can be downloaded from WOS.
TZX file can be converted to TAP file by "TZXtoTAP", and TAP file can be sliced by "TapSlice".
The ".header" and ".bytes" files must be loaded in the correct order using "Spectrum Emulator v1.7" or "ZXAM".(Details)
I also add the speed with CD32 without RAM expansion you feel.
If you want to play the game on SNES+AD adapter, download TAP file and try this method.
The game speed is comparable to ZX Spectrum actual machine, so I recommend it.

All Present and Correct

Loading sequence: APAC.header>APAC.bytes>APAC_2.header>APAC_2.bytes>APAC_3.header>APAC_3.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.

There is also a Christmas-like map.
"Chu Chu Rocket", an addictive puzzle said to have been invented by a new graduate of SEGA.
This arrangement is now available in ZX Spectrum!
The directional and decision keys can be redefined to any key.

For example, A: move left,   S: move right,   W: move up,   Z: move down,   M: decide.
When you move the cursor to any square, place the arrow panel there.
If it is "Left" arrow, then press M and A. If you want to retrieve it, press M and A.
If you press the Z key again from the bottom row, the cursor will move to "PLAY".
Gifts (as mice) and Hammers (as cats) are going to start proceeding all at once.
The key difference from the original is the difference in their walking speed.
There are some tricky strategies that take advantage of this time difference. Recommended.

Smiler's Christmas Sack

Loading sequence:  Loader.header>Loader.bytes>smilercs.b.header>smilercs.b.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: No problem.

Control Smiler (yellow face) and Casper (red face) to get the character items (both of them)
and make them go to the goal.
Q: Move up,   A: Move down,   O: Move left,   P: Move right,   R: Restart the level
S: Switch characters,   X: Return to the title screen
To enter a square with arrow, you can only enter from that direction.

Once you step on an arrow, all the arrows will change direction.
If you step on a pink arrow, all the arrows will be rotated 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.
If you step on the red arrow, all arrows will rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise.
If you step on the blue arrow, the blue arrow rotates 180 degrees backwards, the pink arrow rotates clockwise and the red arrow rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise.
Oh, my God, we're going to get confused.


Loading sequence: CRLOAD.header>CRLOAD.bytes>CRSCREEN.header>CRSCREEN.bytes>CR.header>CR.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.

A single-screen side-view platformer in which you control Santa.
Collect all the gifts on the screen to complete current level.
However, the time limit is set at the very last minute, so the strategy procedure is very limited.
You can use the Mega Drive's fighting pad without any stress.
D-pad "Left" / "Right" : Move left and right,   D-pad "Up" : Jump
You can attack in similar game by the same author with similar styles, but you can't in this game.

Originally, this game was designed to play music in 128K system, but ZXAM can reproduce it,
so please use ZXAM!  Recommended.

Bauble Blast

Loading sequence: loader.header>loader.bytes>bauble.header>bauble.bytes>game.header>game.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.

A single-screen, top-view action game.
The player acts as Santa Claus and kills enemies on a sled.
It's keyboard controlled only, but each key can be redefined.
It's a dull game,
but it's worth that was released as Christmas game
for ZX Spectrum in 2012.

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