StarWoids (Amiga)

Basic DATA
Martin Kift
Rowan Crawford
Rob Wells
Additionnal Credits
George Lucas, John Williams & Polydor Records
1P mode only. Instant death. You have 4 ships. No continue. No passwords.
This game was released as shareware (DEMO version) initially.
It planned that additional levels would be presented after send 15 USD and register as a member.
However, no levels were added because the coder was employed as another commercial games' coder.
CD32 pad

Rotate left  
Rotate right  
Red button
Quit the game 
You can redefine keys for keyboard control.
"joy2key2" doesn't work.
For CD32+FDD users:
The game was uploaded to aminet originally, however, data was more than 880KB.
So all you can do is creating CD version or transferring 2ADFs to your 2 empty diskettes.
It recommends Analogic FDD users to play diskette version because it can save your own key configuration.
The second disk's ADF must be sliced before you copy it to 720KB diskette.
If you've bought "Assassins CD 2", simply choose the title after you boot from that CD.

The game:

This demo version consists of 3 levels. But it's so playable. I show all of them below.
You can see what you must do at the mission briefing screen.

Level 1: Planet Moon Of Endor

There is no time limit.

Destroy "Gun Emplacement" ( I will call it "turret" hereafter )
while avoiding bullets the turret shoot.
You can see "Imperial Prison" behind that turret.
After you destroy it, a kidnapped pilot appears from it.
To rescue him, decelerate completely and land your ship beside him.

You can see a turret and "Missile Launcher" placed on the left.
Get close to "Missile Launcher" while you make your ship face to the left,
then you must destroy it immediately. You can also destroy its homing missiles.

Next land your ship on the place of the screenshot shown on the left. You can rescue a pilot.
In this place, you can avoid bullets from the turret behind that "Missile Launcher".

Place your ship just above the turret you've destroyed.
( Don't land your ship on the ruin of the turret.
  Your ship would crash into that ruin of the turret. )
Then thrust just upward while firing.
You can destroy a turret placed just above!

First place your ship here, then fire.
You can destroy "Attractor Base",
which attract your ship, placed just above.
You can see a man on your left.
He is an enemy called "Stormtrooper", who shoot you!
Wait till he shoot once, then go above him and kill him.
Then return here again.

Go to this place without stopping.
Just wait till a pilot walks rightward, then move rightward and shoot toward lower left.
Destroy a turret. Don't involve a pilot in your attack.
You can go to the next level even if you kill one of pilots, however,
you should know that you can earn 1 ship per 1 pilot rescued.

Wait at this position till a turret shoot once. Immediately hurry to the next position (#7). Ignore that turret placed on your upper right.

Stop at this position. "Missile Launcher" on your right fire a homing missile.
But that missile would crash into the wall. After you see its crash,
go toward upper left, where you can rescue a pilot.
After that, thrust upward little, then...

Come around here without stopping.
( Ignore that "Missile Launcher" that you saw
  at the position #7. )
First, fire toward lower left
to kill a "Stormtrooper".

Fix your ship on X coordinate of the screenshot shown on the left,
continue firing while facing toward lower right.
On this X coordinate, you won't be affected by "Repeller Base",
which blows your ship away.
After you could destroy that turret, immediately face upward.
Decelerate completely and land your ship.
You can rescue the final pilot. This level is now completed !

...You will think why I'm so serious?
If you ask me, I'm sure you will notice that you can't lost your even 1 ship in the 1st or the 2nd levels.
Comparing with the 3rd level, the first 2 levels are just pieces of cake. Read following links about other 2 levels.

Level 2: Rebel Base On Hoth >>Go!!

Level 3: Planet Moon Of Endor II >>Go!!

...May the force be with you!

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