StarWoids (Amiga)

Level 2: Rebel Base On Hoth

There is no time limit.

It's hard to hit this "Stormtrooper". To make matters worse, a pilot is behind him.
Fix your ship on X coordinate of the screenshot shown on the left,
and wait till he fires a gun once. Immediately thrust upward, then continue firing while facing rightward.
After you rescue a pilot, fix your ship on X coordinate of the screenshot shown on the left again.
Continue firing while facing toward lower right to destroy "Repeller Base".
It strongly recommend you to destroy it before you go to the next point.

If you don't decelerate so much, you can go through above "Attractor Base",
which can't affect your ship that is at high speed. Then decelerate at this point of the screenshot on the left.
A bullet from a Stormtrooper on your lower right, a bullet from a turret on your upper right and "Tie Fighter" from above
would come toward you at the same time. Wait till bullets get close to you enough,
then go toward upper left while going through on Tie Fighter's left.
Next, destroy Tie Fighter that chase you.
Immediately you have to passing under Tie Fighter's ruin to avoid the ruin flying leftward.

After you go through a narrow way (#3), accelerate toward the position #4.
Ignore "Attractor Base". It would be better if you can decelerate around the position #4.
If you are attracted to Attractor Base once, immediately thrust just upward, then decelerate at the position #5.
It's because you won't be affected by Attractor Base at the position #5.

You can find R2-D2 here.
After you rescued R2-D2,
R2-D2 is always boarding your ship
even if your ship crashes.
You can felt relieved
for the time being.

On your return route, it would be recommend you
to destroy "Attractor Base".
From the position #5, continue firing toward lower right
to destroy Attractor Base, immediately hold Left Amiga key.
Your ship would make one rotation and face upward.
Go to the position #7.

Continue firing rightward from the position #7 to destroy Repeller Base.
After that, destroy a turret on your upper right. Don't go downward.
It is because "Stormtrooper Base", which is placed just below, can't be destroyed and Stormtroopers would be born from it to infinity.
You can also see Missile Launcher behind that Stormtrooper Base,
you should also know it doesn't fire homing missiles unless your ship go downward.

A Stormtrooper awaits. A pilot is behind him.
Remember what you did at the position #1.
Once he fires a gun, immediately thrust upward
then fire one bullet toward him.
Be careful not to kill a pilot.

After you kill a Stormtrooper, immediately come here.
A Missile Launcher fires a homing missile during that,
that homing missile would go through below your ship
and crash into the ground.
You must destroy that Missile Launcher till it fires the second homing missile.
You don't have to rescue a pilot before you destroy the Missile Launcher.

Ignore a turret that is placed on the lower right from the position #9.
You can see a Stormtrooper on your lower right soon. Fire toward lower right to kill him, then thrust upward.

Land your ship in front of the door.
R2-D2 gets off your ship, then opens the door.
You must know that it is dangerous to land your ship just beside the door.
It's because a Missile Launcher behind the door fires homing missiles.

Don't stop till your ship comes here not to be attracted by Attractor Base.
(Ignore that Attractor Base.)
Then, rotate your ship and destroy that Missile Launcher.

Destroy an "Imperial Prison". Two pilots comes out of it.
A Stormtrooper behind the hill of snow on your left awaits you. It's OK if you ignore him.


Boss: AT-AT

It fires bullets toward you from its head continuously.
Remember how Luke could destroy AT-AT in Episode V.

By the way, "Rebel Generator", which stands beside AT-AT, is a base of the rebel army.
If you destroy it by mistake, it deducts 2000 points from your score,
in addition, it deducts 2 ships from ships remained.

...The force is with you!!

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