Fleuch V2.0 (Amiga)

Basic DATA

Karsten Götze
Andreas Spreen
1P mode only, Instant death. Player has 5 ships. No continue. No passwords.
CD32 pad

Rotate left 
Rotate right 
Right Shift
Red button
Restart current level 
Quit the game 
Esc (twice)
CD32 version and Amiga version:
Fleuch V2.0 is included in commercial CD32 title called "Assassins CD 1".
It was also released as a cover disk of "Amiga Action" issue September 1994.
This website created and has been archived ADF version of "Fleuch V2.0".
Download and transfer it to your empty diskette.
Note: "joy2key2" doesn't work. Keyboard control is preferred.

You can play legendary C64 game "Thrust" on your Amiga!

 This is the first free game created for that purpose.  It consists of 9 levels in total.
 First several levels are almost the same difficulty as original C64 version's ones.
 However, latter part of the game is little harder than C64 version's ones.
 Yes, the map design it self is more complicated than C64 version.
 On the other hand, this game is also for novices due to following 2 reasons.
 You have unrestricted fuel. And you can earn 1 ship every complete 1 level.

 Anyway see the map of the 8th level for example...

Level 8 Map:

As you see, more turrets are placed and each path is narrower than C64 version.
It means you must control both your ship itself and the sphere better.

"V2.0 Levels" of Fleuch V3.0

 In 1994, the same author released "Fleuch V3.0", an updated version.
 In that game you can choose "V2.0 Levels" .
 "V2.0 Levels" mode has original 9 levels that were created for previous "Fleuch V2.0" , and additional 3 levels.
 Those 3 additional levels are little harder than original 9 levels. See below.
Fleuch V3.0
(V2.0 Levels mode)
Level 1
Level 1 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 2
Level 2 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 3
Level 4 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 4
Level 3 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 5
The 1st additional level.
Level 6
Level 5 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 7
Level 6 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 8
Level 7 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 9
The 2nd additional level.
Level 10
Level 8 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 11
Level 9 of "Fleuch V2.0".
Level 12
The 3rd additional level.
Here I show you the toughest scene of the final 12th level.

 If the sphere is just below your ship, either your ship or the sphere might crash into the wall.
 So you must swing the sphere first, then go through quickly while the sphere is side of your ship.
 Quick movement means that your ship would accelerate, however,
 you must decelerate not to crash into the right wall.
 Of course you need plenty of practice!

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