The Man from the Council (Amiga)

The game's page of Instructions ("Mega Pack II" version)
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Diskette ("Mega Pack II" version)
Artwork (Original Box)
Basic DATA
"Mega Pack II" by Tinesoft
1P mode only. Instant death. You have 4 ships.
No passwords. You can continue the game several times at most.
Commercial. No websites are given permission to upload.
It's illegal if you download the game.
CD32 pad
Rotate left  
Rotate right  
Red button

For CD32+FDD users:
First, insert relokick1.3 disk and boot your CD32. Otherwise you can't pass the title screen shown above.
After kick.rom is loaded, eject relokick1.3 disk and reset. The floppy diskette screen would be shown.
Finally insert the game's diskette. Thus you can play the game.

"Can't play 'cos can't find a copy." you say?

...Surely original version seems very rare. Even I haven't seen it even once.
 But, yeah, the compilation version called "Mega Pack II" is common and inexpensive!
 You can't make an excuse!! :)

It's the same developer called "Pumpkinsoft" created "ELF" !

...Do you remember an Amiga 2D platform game called "ELF", that is one of the HARDEST platformer out of all PC/Console commercial games?
 You had to die again and again to know how to do to complete the game.
 It was also because obviously there were few sentences that explains the gaming itself.
 You will suffer the same pain this time! ...I died more than 100 times till I understood how to do.
 This time you must play 3 kinds of game. Top-viewed levels, side-viewed platformer levels and ...frustrating side-viewed levels inspired by "Thrust"!
 It's not enough even though you're good at one of these 3 genres.
 In other words, it means 99.999999% people can't say "I'm good at this title" .

The Game:

First, imagine that there is one base called "Rockpile 9", which  is constructed across asteroids float in the universe.
Then imagine a situation that tons of worms & aliens makes the base uncontrollable.
You, who is the chosen one, landed on that base alone.
It is said that the explosion would be the biggest one since the big bang if the base explodes after it goes out of control.
So you must stop that explosion temporally by touching each control panels in the base, then
you have to try to disable the power of the base in purpose eventually.
So how to disable the power of the base?
There are 2 shafts (pits). You must destroy an electric fuse in the bottom of each shaft.
However, each shaft is too narrow to climb down for humans.
So you have to remotely control "Dropball" in each shaft. ...These missions are deadly levels inspired by "Thrust".
Sounds exciting? ...Anyway see below.

As you see, you must complete the 1st "Thrust" level  first before you go to a side-viewed platformer level.
So where is the 2nd "Thrust" level you say?
...It is in the end.  The entrance of the 2nd Shaft is in the end of top-viewed level.
Anyway here you can see both maps of two shafts. Click links.

Shaft #1 MAP >>Go!!

Shaft #2 MAP >>Go!!

There is a 24-seconds time limit. Like side-viewed platform levels, those "time limits" are unrelated to the top-viewed level's one.
It would be refilled by a certain item...
You can destroy  , however, all turrets can't be destroyed. Just avoid bullets from them!
The aim of each level is destroy an electric fuse.
"That's enough!!" you say? ...OK, agreed.

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