Space Taxi 2

Andreas Spreen
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Extend legs for landing and retract extended legs
P key: Pause / Resume

The previous work "Space Taxi" has been significantly improved.
Published at the end of 1994, and a disk version was made in 1995.
Continued distribution as freeware.

5 to 6 levels are prepared for each of the 6 courses, and the course can be chosen on the title screen.
You can start from the first level of the chosen course.
A big change in specifications is that it is difficult to earn scores.
It is thought that this is due to the compelling factor for name entry (ranking in the score)
rather than increasing difficulty.

This game can be chosen with the software "Assassins CD 2" for CD32.
If the loading from CD is annoying, copy the data in the CD ("SPACE_TAXI_II" folder and files inside) to HD.
There is also a method of transferring the ADF file on the net into your own diskette.
However, neither is rational.
This "Space Taxi 2" is completely included in the later "Space Taxi 3".
It is rational to transfer the ADF file of "Space Taxi 3" on the net into your own disktte.

Here, levels that could not be played due to bugs in "Space Taxi" and newly additional levels in "Space Taxi 2" are summarized.

Space Taxi 2 & 3
Skill 1 - Biginner 1/5 ~ 5/5 →Go!!

Skill 2 - Novice 1/6

Skill 2 - Novice 2/6
Skill 2 - Novice 3/6 ~ 5/6 →Go!!

Skill 2 - Novice 6/6

Author: Frank Bernard

A strong wind is blowing from the propeller.
There is also collision detection on the rotating propeller wings themselves.

Skill 3 - Driver 1/5

Skill 3 - Driver 2/5

Author: Frank Bernard

Traps flowing through the central passage can be changed in the direction of the flow by touching the arrow mark.

Skill 3 - Driver 3/5

Author: Frank Bernard

Usually in darkness, everything can be seen as in the left image only when the lightning strikes.
Lightning doesn't have collision detection.

Skill 3 - Driver 4/5

It can't see your taxi except the black background.
Imagine a filter with holes between the game screen and the player.

Skill 3 - Driver 5/5

The small bubbles move in point symmetry in pairs.
At that time, the gap between the two bubbles widens or narrows
where your taxi must go through.

Skill 4 - Good Driver 1/6 ~ 2/6 →Go!!

Skill 4 - Good Driver 3/6

Skill 4 - Good Driver 4/6

Around the large square in the center,
two small squares wrap around clockwise.

Skill 4 - Good Driver 5/6

A wall appears and disappears just above "1", "2", "Fuel", and "3".
In the left screen, it is appearing just above "Fuel".

Skill 4 - Good Driver 6/6

From the moment your taxi enters from a black background to a green background, it automatically extends its legs and cannot be retracted its legs until it lands.

Skill 5 - Space Pilot 1/6

Small squares are traps that travel back and forth within a certain range.

Skill 5 - Space Pilot 2/6

In the part where the background is not black, so-called reverse controls would be required.
For example, if you press the down key, you will move up,
and if you press the right key, you will move to the left.

A joystick upside down is drawn on the center triangle.
This is a special obstacle that does not instantly die when touched.

Skill 5 - Space Pilot 3/6

The sphere in the center pulls your taxi under strong gravity.

Skill 5 - Space Pilot 4/6

No controls are accepted where the background is black color.
Skill 5 - Space Pilot 5/6 →Go!!

Skill 5 - Space Pilot 6/6

Author: Frank Bernard

By touching each switch,
you can switch between elevator descent and ascent.

Skill 6 - Aleks Levels 1/5

Author: Aleksandar Djorgimajkoski

Skill 6 - Aleks Levels 2/5

Author: Aleksandar Djorgimajkoski

Skill 6 - Aleks Levels 3/5

Author: Aleksandar Djorgimajkoski

There is a hidden passage (short cut).
(Abolished in "Space Taxi 3".)

Skill 6 - Aleks Levels 4/5

Author: Aleksandar Djorgimajkoski

You cannot see your taxi in the gray background.

Skill 6 - Aleks Levels 5/5

Author: Aleksandar Djorgimajkoski

Levels of Skill 5 are generally difficult.
The map provided by Frank Bernard has a novel twist.

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