Space Taxi 3

Andreas Spreen
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Extend legs for landing and retract extended legs
P key: Pause / Resume

Three courses (16 levels in total) became available
from the release in 1995 to distribution of the completed version in 1996.

Although the data has been uploaded to Aminet,
it seems that there is no choice but to put it on my own AmigaCD or HD because the data is large.
In that case, command "assign env: ram:" and "assign t: ram:" before starting.
Diskfont.library must be included in the Libs drawer as in the previous work.

But there is good news that this free game is also available in ADF version.
It is quick to transfer it on the net into a empty 880KB floppy.
However, even if compressed, it will exceed 720 KB,
so let's split it and join them when copying ADF to your CD32's RAM. (Reference URL)

Here, the levels newly added in "Space Taxi 3" are summarized.

Space Taxi 3 exclusive

Hard times for taxis 1/6

Landmines are set up in the gaps between the walls,
and they are caught unless they pass vigorously.

Hard times for taxis 2/6

platforms "1" to "4" move left and right within a certain range.

Hard times for taxis 3/6

The one-dot balls fired from the three turrets
bends toward your taxi at the moment
when the x coordinate or the y coordinate matches with your taxi.
However, it does not turn while your taxi is landing.

Hard times for taxis 4/6

The platforms "1" to "4" descend when your taxi touches the switch directly below till they touch the upper end of the switch, and rise to the original position.
The same thing happens when your taxi rides on the platforming.

Hard times for taxis 5/6

When you enter the small square room, the door closes and the small room moves through the oval.
There are several patterns of movement, such as clockwise and sudden reverse turns.

Hard times for taxis 6/6

The left side of room "1", the bottom of "2", the top of "3" and the left of "4" are doors that open and close only once when your taxi lands on the platform.

In the middle of the wall on the top of room "1", top left of "2", bottom of "3", right of "4" and center left is a door that opens and closes after a certain time when your taxi approaches.

More passengers 1/5

Your taxi attempts to move in a random direction in the air (becomes semi-runaway).
You need to push the direction key in the direction you want to proceed with more momentum.

More passengers 2/5

The bubble follows your taxi at a constant speed from the time your taxi emerges until your taxi lands on the next platform.
It will not clash unless you crosses the trajectory of your taxi, but if you don't move immediately after you emerges, your taxi will hit the bubble that appeared there.

More passengers 3/5

There are doors that open and close at regular intervals in the gaps between the horizontal walls (8 places) and the gaps between the vertical walls (8 places).

More passengers 4/5

By touching the numbered round switch, the platforming of that number will come out and retract.
If you land your taxi by then, the platforming will not move, but if you levitate from there, the platforming will start to move.

More passengers 5/5

platforms 1~4 are moving diagonally within a certain range.

Some space for taxis 1/5

Your taxi can't move to the left.
Touching the right edge of the map (without crash) your taxi will appear from the left edge of the map.

Some space for taxis 2/5

The platforms 1 to 4 descend when your taxi touches the switch directly below till they touch the upper end of the switch, and rise to the original position.
The same thing happens when your taxi rides on the platforming.

Some space for taxis 3/5

From the moment your taxi enters from a black background to a dark yellow background, it automatically extends its legs and cannot be retracted its legs until it lands.

Some space for taxis 4/5

In the green background, you can't see your taxi at all, and you can't accept any operations.

Some space for taxis 5/5

platforms 1~4 move from side to side within a certain range.

The added stage has a painstaking structure overall,
but it can be said that it is less difficult than the "Skill 5-Space driver" added in the previous work.

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