The Eidolon

"The Eidolon" was created by Lucasfilm Games in 1985.
Lucasfilm Games had already been created "Rescue on Fractalus!" in 1984 as one of that company's the first commercial titles.
"Rescue on Fractalus!" was a game that shall be called "3D shooter".
In 1985, two games were born branching off from that "3D shooter" by that company.
They were "Koronis Rift" and this "The Eidolon".
"Koronis Rift" was very similar to previous game, "Rescue on Fractalus!", however,
"The Eidolon" was similar to "Doom" action-style that I mean the player moves along very close to the ground and go through complicated maps.

Lucasfilm Games was one of the most influential company that has great technology,
so we can suspect other companies / individual developers couldn't develop
such 3D games in that era.
Even though I'd searched for 3D action-style games
out of tons of Atari 8bit / Atari 2600 games, however,
I could find only "Battlezone" clones as games that have "Battle" elements prior to 1984.

Make sure that "The Eidolon" was originally released
for C64 and Atari XL/XE in North America in the end of 1985.
On this website, I will mention ZX Spectrum port in 1986.
It is because now we can play ZX Spectrum games on retro consoles
such as "CD32(+FDD)" or "SNES(+AD Adapter)".

To tell the truth, the game would become sluggish if you play on CD32+FDD,
so I strongly recommend you to play the game on SNES+AD Adapter
if you surely want complete all levels.
Anyway I mean that we can play legendary game on our retro console
and nothing gives us such great pleasure as this.

Of course "The Eidolon" allows us to use Kempston joystick.
It means we can move using control pads as below:
Up: Go forward
Down: Go backward
Left: Turn left
Right: Turn right
Fire button: shoot projectiles

Can you say it differs from FPS games!?
By the way, do you know what Japanese people say
when they saw "Ghosts 'n Goblins" was ported to NES in the same year, in 1986?
They were very impressed and used to say
"This is it, a mass storage of 1MB ram! Then that accounts for beautiful graphics!"
Imagine that they came across "The Eidolon" in that era.
They would be shocked as to stun.
It might  had changed the history of console games' developments...

1. Current level.
2. Your HP. After you died once, the game would restart from the starting point of current level.
3. Your time left. Every the long hand of a clock hits twelve 12 times,
   the short hand of a clock would move 1/12 around.
   Every the short hand of a clock hits 12, the current figure would be reduced 1.
   If the short hand of a clock hits 12 after that figure became 0, your game would over.
   You must have to restart from the 1st level. This figure would increase by 2 every you complete a level.
4. Your have 4 types of projectile as weapon.
   A color of the projectile available would light, and a color of the projectile you select would flash.
   Which color of projectile you can shoot would have much to do with your current HP.
5. Which direction you are facing now.
   For example, even if you face west]northwest,an arrow that means west would flash as shown to the left screen.
   We should be see them only as a guide.
6. Gems you've gotten. There are barriers in front of the BOSS enemy.
   To destroy barriers, a gem that is the same color as that barrier would be required.
   You can bring gems that you didn't use over to the next level.
7. A distance from the BOSS enemy.
This game also requires a keyboard. CD32 users must use Amiga keyboard.
SNES+AD Adapter users must configurate keys using ZXAdvance.
1 key: Choose red projectiles 
2 key: Choose golden projectiles
3 key: Choose green projectiles 
4 key: Choose blue projectiles
Space bar: Get an item  
P key: Pause / Resume

All four types of projectile that you shoot would differ their effects from that exist originally.

Effects when you shoot enemies:
Effects if they exist originally:

Traps / Items
Damages enemies.
As traps. ( Can't get them. )
It damages you, however, it would change into golden projectile
if you shoot red projectile toward it.
Heals enemies HP.
( It means opposite effect. )
As items.
( Can get them by space bar. )
Heals your HP.
Transforms enemies' figures.
As items.
( Can get them by space bar. )
Heals your HP.
Stops normal enemies
for a while.
As items.
( Can get them by space bar. )
Stops the long / short hands of a clock for a while.
But you cannot defeat normal enemies all the while.

A enemy appears!
...In this game, each enemy is placed to guard a gem.
They are sleeping till you get closer to them.
After you awaken them, they would move suddenly.
All normal enemies don't shoot projectiles. They just come towards you.
So you shall shoot them while going backwards.
In the 1st level, you will see 3 enemies, which figures and aggressiveness are different each other.
You will see new enemies in later levels.
For example, it adds one new enemy of each level till the 3rd level.
In the 4th level, it adds two new enemies.
Therefore you won't get boring, will you?

It matters when you should get blue projectile and how quickly you can collect gems.
So you shall learn where they are placed.
For example, see a map of the 3rd level as shown to the left screen.

A BOSS enemy awaits you in each level.
All 8 BOSS enemies are different each other.
These battles' system is totally different from normal enemies' one.
A BOSS enemy shoot projectiles in 4 colors that damage & blew you.
You must catch them by space key. Your HP would be healed.
Only 1 type (color) of projectiles would damage a BOSS enemy, however,
there is no way of knowing which type of projectiles damages a BOSS enemy
till you actually fight with it.

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