Freeware of ZX Spectrum introduced here can be downloaded from WOS.
TZX file can be converted to TAP file by "TZXtoTAP", and TAP file can be sliced by "TapSlice".
The ".header" and ".bytes" files must be loaded in the correct order using "Spectrum Emulator v1.7" or "ZXAM".(Details)
I also add the speed with CD32 without RAM expansion you feel.
If you want to play the game on SNES+AD adapter, download TAP file and try this method.
The game speed is comparable to ZX Spectrum actual machine, so I recommend it.

Xmas Eve

Loading sequence: Xmas Eve.header>Xmas Eve.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.

A mini-game in which you control Santa's sleigh.
Z key: Move left,   X key: Move right,   M key: Drop a gift
First, catch a gift falling from the heavens.
You can only hold one gift at a time.
There are seven houses lined up below, so drop a gift down the chimney.

As time passes, icicles in each house will disappear, but you will need to throw in a gift before icicles disappear.
Note that there is a difference in the way each house's icicles disappear.It's one set for 7 houses.
As the set progresses, icicles will disappear faster and faster,
and from the 13th set onwards (more than 90 gifts in total), it will become very difficult.

Santa's Dilemma

Loading sequence: Santa.header>Santa.bytes, Then it stops the white screen. Now press R key (Run), then press Enter key. The title screen would appear.
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: A bit sluggish.

On Christmas Eve, Santa went out to carry the presents.
But someone has let the reindeer escape.
In the forest, six scattered reindeer must be brought back into the enclosure.
If we don't do this quickly, we'll run out of time to carry gifts for children.
5: Move left,   6: Move down,   7: Move up,   8: Move right

If Santa is going to adjacent to a reindeer, the reindeer will run away for one character, so gather the reindeer in one place, as shown in the left image.
In fact, the remaining time begins to decrease the moment you bring back the first reindeer.
That's why I recommend that you gather as many reindeer as possible before then.

Elvin the Elf

Loading sequence: ELVIN.header>ELVIN.bytes>screen.header>screen.bytes>>game.header>game.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: No problem.

A side-view platformer in which you control an elf,
this is a "Manic Miner" type of game in which you collect items from the screen and head towards the goal.
In addition to that,
there are some tricks like the key item in the screen on the left that will open up a path for you.
It's an instant-death game with a time limit, but it's not too difficult.
Anyone can complete the 1st round of this game without much trouble.

O key: Move left,   P key: Move right,    Space key: jump.

Christmas Cracker

Loading sequence: Christmas.header>Christmas.bytes>Cracker.header>Cracker.bytes
*The game speed on CD32 we feel: No problem.

This is an extravaganza in the Egghead series,
a side-view platformer in which you control an egg-shaped character like Dizzy.
The story is about rescuing the members of the "Eurosamer Team" during the Christmas season...
and it's a small-scale map.
You can use the CD32 and Mega Drive pads.
D-pad "Left" / "Right": Move left and right,    D-pad "Down": descend the ladder, dig using shovel
D-pad "Up": Climb the ladder,    Red button (B button): Jump

It's easy to play and has excellent controls because it was born out of a flow of "new" games created by the author at the time, using programs from games completed as "products" around 1990.

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