Xmas games on retro consoles (2017 Xmas)

In this xmas, 4 free xmas games were released for ZX Spectrum!
There are 2 ways that you can play them on retro consoles.
CD32+FDD users:
First, you must create a snapshot file. Copy them and ZXAM (recommended) to your own diskette.
SNES+AD Adapter(White version) users:
First, you must create a snapshot file. To do so, load the game on the emulator for Windows first, then save a snapshot file.
Next, create gba file using ZXAdvance. Copy that gba file to your own micro SD card inserted into AD Adapter(White version).

WOOT! ZXmas Tape Magazine 2017

We can see that 3 Christmas games were released for this special issue.

Christmas Crapmas! (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 11, 2017
 Author: Spud,   Loading screen: R-Tape
 CD32+Analogic FDD users: It has a custom loader. So you must use ASP ( ,etc)
                                             on WinUAE at the expanded RAM setting in advance.
  You're Santa. You must retrieve the presents from the guardians.
  If you fail the children will no longer believe in you and will kill their parents.
  Santa needs your help!
 Short comment from me: We have to guide Santa and collect all gifts. Sorry!
  We cannot stop Santa once he moves, so it would be very hard to enjoy the game.

Christmas Puddings Attack! (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 11, 2017
 Author: textvoyage
 Enemies shaped like food for xmas dinner comes.
 You have to destroy them before they land on the ground.
 You cannot emit a laser beam before it's charged 100%.
 In other words, it becomes fatal once you fail to destroy a enemy.
 The cursor moves too fast, so it's hard to aim the cursor at the enemy.
 A laser beam can destroy only 1 enemy even if  2 enemies are on the same column.
 The game would become better if it solves those issues.

Santo's Xmas Adventure (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 11, 2017
 Author: Dave Hughes
 CD32+Analogic FDD users: ZXAM would be recommended to play AY music.
 SNES+AD Adapter users: In this game, "Joystick Up" makes Santos jump.
               So it recommends you to configure A (or B) button for jump using ZXAdvance.
 You're Santos, who looks like Santa Claus. Your wife Morag shut you out.
 To return to your house, collect food for xmas dinner and a beautiful pot.
 Yet another NPC is there. It seems he want something like a book. However,
 If you couldn't collect all food as possible you can at that point,
 you cannot grab books / pot. There are no hints about it. But nice game. Recommended.

Grumpy Santa (ZX Spectrum)

 Release date: December 16, 2017
 Author: Paul Jenkinson
 The game was created by Jonathan Cauldwell's platform game creator.
 You have to control Santa through all 22 levels before 3 lives run out.
 In each level, you must collect all xmas gifts and return to the starting point.
 Of course you have to avoid elves and birds. You can get on Snowman.
 It's not difficult, however, at least
 you must take care enough not to hit Santa's head into a ceiling.
 Otherwise, you will fall onto enemy's head.

Christmas games also come for Amiga user.
CD32+FDD users: Simply transfer ADF to your own diskette, then boot from that disk.

Merry Amiga Xmas 2017 (Amiga)

 Release date: December 3, 2017     Author: Steril707 (Michael)
 It was the first free xmas game released in 2017 xmas season.
 The author had been involved with homebrew game for C64, however,
 Upon his the first trial of new Amiga game release, he decided to choose small xmas game.
 His intenion was that Amigans played the game on their A500, however,
 the game itself is still playable even if we load it on CD32 + FDD.
 A graphical glitch would not be fixed even if we use relokick 1.3, though.
 It didn't have both title screen and ending screen. So we had expected updated version.
 Unfortunately he lost his motivation of development because he didn't have enough tolerance
 for trolls at community such as Youtube. Disappointed!

Lumberjack Xmas (Amiga)

 Release date: December 23, 2017
 Code & ingame music: Cobe,    Gfx: Koyot1122 & Project R3D
 Support & Testing: Lemming880,    Title music: Simon & JMD
 The original C64 version of "Lumberjack" was a famous & simple arcade style game.
 In 2017, Cobe and Lemming880 involved with the first Amiga port which has the same name.
 Later updated version called "Lumberjack Reloaded" was released.
 Like the original game, many Amigans enjoyed that Amiga port even though it was simple game.
 Anyway "Lumberjack" series makes us enthusiasts. This xmas version has tiles full of
 xmas' atmosphere. In addition, ingame music would be changed into xmas tune
 after you got around 270 points. It would be hard to hear that hidden tune if you're novice!
Note: I tested the game on my NTSC CD32 (standard mode). It was fine. It crashed when I use relokick 1.3 and insert the game disk, though.
         So I wonder the game works on A500. The screen would also have a glitch on WinUAE ( specific version ).

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