Christmas Lemmings

Following the same rules as the original "Lemmings," the Lemmings in Santa's red clothes proceed along the snowy road decorated with Christmas ornaments.
A fireplace-shaped generator, a snowman trap, goals in the form of a Christmas cake, and colorful light-emitting diodes.
This game is well done.

The 1991 and 1992 versions were demo versions with only four faces each.
Maybe these were popular, the 1993 version was released as a "commercial version" as a new 32 levels (16 levels for normal mode and 16 levels for hard mode).
The original box has a nice Christmas-like style.
Similarly, a new work was released in the 1994 Christmas season.
1994 version has also a nice Christmas-like design.
The 1994 version has a total number of 64, which is the completely port of the 1993 version and additional 32 levels (16 levels for normal mode and 16 levels for hard mode).

In this 1994 version, you can already see some difficult levels even for normal mode.
For better or worse, this is the final work of the original type 2D Lemmings without depth in the 20th century.

I removed the strategy pages. It's because the images are large and a waste of data transfer. I think you can search for them on Youtube.

For CD32 users that load Amiga version:
The ABD for "Christmas Lemmings '93" and "Christmas Lemmings '94" is "Lv.1" (password required, but you don't need a keyboard to enter that password).
(You can enter the password by clicking on the letters on the screen, so no keyboard is needed.)
However, in practice it is faster and more convenient to use the "P" key to pause, instead of clicking on the footprints icon on the screen, so it is better to have an Amiga keyboard.

For Amiga, 1991's "Xmas Lemmings" was included on the coverdisk of the January 1992 issue of "Amiga Format".
It requires pressing the "y" and "Return" keys immediately after booting to start the game. (ABD=Lv.2)

On the other hand, the 1992 version of "Xmas Lemmings" is freeware uploaded to aminet.
You can transfer it into an 880KB formatted diskette and boot it. (ABD=Lv.3)

There is another demo version including four levels of "Christmas Lemmings '94" mentioned above.
(The coverdisk from the January 1995 issue of "The One", ABD=Lv.1)

All of them are just right for this season.

After 1996, new Christmas Lemmings releases stopped,
but for Windows, they were reissued one after another on CD-ROM.
They were released together with the reprinted versions of past Lemmings games.
It was released after the 20th century ends, in 2004.
The image on the right is that version, the set with "Lemmings Revolution".
Ah Christmas games forever...

3D Lemmings Limited Edition :Winterland Pack

Every titles in the Christmas Lemmings series has been 2D, but not this one.
This is a game where you can feel Christmas in 3D Lemmings. 
So naturally, the specifications and rules are "3D Lemmings".

Since this is a set with the standard version of "3D Lemmings", this is definitely a better choice than the port to the home console.

In the title screen, lemmings are covered in snow, which are so cute.

A number of Christmas levels, all of which are covered in snow.

Many Christmas trees stand on the Level 1.
There is also a snowman object.
Powdered snow is falling.

The image on the left shows Level 3, where lemmings move from the battleship to the ice island.
The snow hasn't stopped falling.
Cute penguins live on the ice island.

There are other unique Christmas-like levels as well.

"3D Lemmings Limited Edition :Winterland Pack" is MS-DOS exclusive release.

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