Freeware for GBA can be loaded using AD Adapter (white version).
So now we can play them on our SNES console as retro console games. (Details)

Clem the Retarded elf

Released: January 2007  Developed by Thingker Studios
 This game won the 1st place in Drunken Coders Xmas Coding Competition 2006.
 (External link) It seemed the developer earned 200 USD.

 Clem is a retarded elf who loves presents. You have to guide him to all presents not to fall
 down from the platform. He would continue to walk unless he get a present / "stop" tile /
 bombs or be stuck in front of the ice block. There are teleporters, too.
 Cute and nice game for xmas.

Lily - and the lost angel -

Released: January 2007  Coder: NESGBA     Gfx & sfx by: NHUT
 This game was created for Drunken Coders Xmas Coding Competition 2006.
  Look, lily! The angel of the top of the fir tree is missing.
  Such a tree without its angel is NOT a fir tree. You have to get it back!

 A platformer level in early development was shown for that competition originally.
 Later this "Level #3" uploaded. Lily can be enlarged or reduced by L/R buttons.

Santa saves xmas

Released: January 2007  Developed by : Unknown.
 This game was created for Drunken Coders Xmas Coding Competition 2006.
 Control your Santa and pick / throw snowballs.
 You can also jump and change the range of snowballs, however,
 actually you don't have to do, I think.
 Only you have to do is getting closer (to avoid enemies' snowballs) and defeat enemies.
 Nothing happens even if you guide Santa to the right of the map. Sorry, nearly unplayable.

Santa's Skidoo Scarper!

Released: January 2007  Developed by Paradise Games
 This game was the 6th place in Drunken Coders Xmas Coding Competition 2006.
Story: (quote from readme file)
 "It's the night before Christmas Eve and Santa is running late! Never again will he order the
  presents using online shopping! The delivery men have lost them all and left them all over town!
  Quick! Get collecting those presents on Santa's trusty Turbo-Skidoo and get Santa home
  in time for Christmas! "
It seems a bit hard to play the game on SNES console. Tiles themselves are well drawn.

Snowball Saving Christmas

Released: January 2007  Developed by Cephews   This game was created for Drunken Coders
 Xmas Coding Competition 2006.   Story: (quote)
 "Tomorrow is a big day. Santa and his elves are finished with the presents.
  Suddenly the window breaks. Creatures are storming in. The elves try to stop them.
  But the creatures use a force that makes the elves evil. Then the creatures captures Santa and
  runs away. What will happen to christmas ? "

Well-done designed maps. There are many big enemies and boss. Recommended.

Frosty Paint

Released: March 2007  Developed by Magic Wizards Productions
You must change the extension of file to ".gba" from ".bin" in advance
before you copy the file to your own micro SD used for AD Adapter (White version).
 In this simple action game, you can control the cute snowman.
 You must repaint the floor by stepping on it. Avoid contact with appearing enemies,
 which also dirt the floor!
 So you need to re-paint them. You can also get items to gain your score.

Bauble Break

Released: January 2008  Developed by TEAM BLACKFROG
Coder: Andrew Orr   Graphics: Tish A.R.   Special Thanks: Jeff Green
Tracing the description of PD ROMS, the website that archives this game:
"Bauble Break is a puzzle game similar to Puzzle Bobble. You must aim and shoot xmas baubles
 onto a playing field, trying to get groups of three or more to be connected,
 at which point they will break. See how many levels you can clear before your credits run out.
 See if you can get your name to the top of the high score list. When successful,
 hand off your copy of Bauble Break to a friend and let them try and beat your score."

Christmas Pong

Released: October 2008  Developed by Jinroh DEV

 This is a Xmas themed "Pong" game, very classic arcade game in 1970s.
 A yellow ball appears from a xmas tree, which doesn't have collision detection.
 ...So, it is just "Pong" game.
 You will get boring after 2 ~ 3 minutes at most.
 I promised.
 It would better if the game has background(s) which we can feel xmas, though.

Clem the Retarded elf 2: Blind Elf Walkin'

Released:  2009  Developed by Thingker Studios
Story: (quote from readme file)
 "Poor Clem. He's a retarded elf who loves presents but hasn't the brains to find them.
  Can you help him and his blind friend, Rud get all of the wonderful gifts in time for Christmas?"

 Clem game has been returned. This time you have to guide both him and his blind friend.
 They are used as walls each other, now the puzzle becomes more trickier !
 Highly recommended more than previous "Clem 1" .

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