Not as Amiga magazines' coverdisks, nor uploaded on Aminet, but there are definitely Christmas-themed free games on the web as files called "ADF".
In order to play them on the CD32 console+FDD, you have to transfer them into 880KB formatted diskettes.
After that, simply insert that diskette and turn on your CD32 and the game begins.
That's it for all games. If there are any other notes, they will be described individually.


There are two kinds of fake Santa in the mix,
so you have to shoot down them.
On the other hand, don't shoot the reindeer and real Santa himself.

...Ah...I don't know why, but it looks just like real Santa Claus just because of the red outfit and white beard.
When we said "Ah!", it is already too late, and it is barely possible to follow fake Santa Claus flowing away mercilessly to the left end of the screen  with eyes.
Above is only the first time, and the more you defeat them, the flow becomes faster, and it becomes a speed that cannot be chased by the physical sight of a normal human.
The screen is a little disturbed, but please accept it that is a personally created free game.

XmasMine II

There are classic action games called "Boulder Dash", which was originally hits in arcades and on 8-bit consoles,
and has many deep-rooted fans. (I'm not, though.)
The Amiga had a commercial release of "Emerald Mine" in 1987,
and it has since become a fixture as the "Emerald Mine" genre of games.
The goal is to get all the gems on the map,
but taking one of them will cause an avalanche of other gems, and if you get crushed by it, you'll die.
Those new maps that keep being created by fans are the kind of difficulty for veterans and require exquisite control of the main character.
This title is no exception, as the map structure itself is "well thought out" and difficult.
Fortunately, if you choose your name as the first player, you'll be able to choose all levels, so let's just enjoy the Christmas-spec characters and obstacles at best.

A Down Home Christmas

This game is included in the 1994 version of "A Down Home Christmas".
This disk does not have "LoadWB" and library files, so you need to add them to the disk.
Create "C" and "Libs" drawers under "df0:" and copy "LoadWB" into "C" and "diskfont.library" into "Libs".

The game is a nervous breakdown game while you listen two types of Christmas songs.
Cards are all Christmas-themed,
and the background picture that you can see after cards disappear is also Christmas-style illustration.
There is no limit to the number of times you can turn the card.
On the other hand,
the pattern of each card, its placement and the background picture also change every time you play.
You can't say "I've figured out where it is" after playing the game a few times.

...So how's going on?  Meh, that's all.

XmasMine 3

I think we cannot talk about "Emerald Mine" free games without mentioning "Bond Mine".
The staff of "Bond Mine" used to release a Christmas version of the game at Christmas time every year, and this 1994 version has a snowfall animation and a beautiful single picture at the title screen.
It should give you a nice atmosphere to enter the game.

But as I mentioned above, this first level is for the enthusiasts,
so if you don't take a corner with no more than a few tenths of a second delay, you'll be out of time.
I never thought I would be able to play something more intense than Clinger Winger of Battletoads here.

Santa's Christmas Catch

This game is included in the 1995 version of "A Down Home Christmas".
This disk does not have "LoadWB" and library files, so you need to add them to the disk.
Create "C" and "Libs" drawers under "df0:" and copy "LoadWB" into "C" and "diskfont.library" into "Libs".

Move Santa Claus left and right to put the gifts that the mischievous elves are dropping one after another into the red bags, a very simple game.
There are five levels of difficulty (gift dropping speed) to choose.
The quality of the graphics is much better than the previous game, and a wonderful arrangement of Christmas songs play.
It's also nice that each song is connected in a natural way.

As for the main game itself, I really hope you'll forgive it for being a "mini-game", and it might be a bit tiring on your shoulders if it's only mouse control or Santa moves too fast.
Well, that's just the way it is.

Xmas Glass Ball Factory

It was one of the games made in the 2009 Christmas game competition,
but it was a troublesome game that referred to too many system files.
But in recent years, one member of the EAB has made an ADF for us, so we should use it.

As you can see, the game is a mini-game for younger kids, in which you guide moving items into the appropriate goal.
That's right, actually this game was just a game that we try to load successfully,
but the content was so stupid that we abandoned even that and resorted to ADF created by others.
And we stop the game within a few minutes of starting it up.
If we're going to release a game, "launch it easily"; otherwise, "the author should create ADF version".
If we can't do this, we won't get many people to turn to us. That's what I learned from this.

Xmas Syman

Kids! You're not Japanese, and you're sitting straight?
Simon is an vintage electronic game (toy) that is known by people who are becoming fossils, but that's all.
In fact, there are three ways to play this game.
Two are memory games in which you press the four colored buttons in the order they light up.
The other one is a rehabilitation game for the dementia elderly that requires you to press the lighted button immediately.
The former is the obvious choice.
The four colors are allocated to the directional keys on the CD32 pad,
and the option to play with up to four people is good for party.

But the coder for this game is the guy who made "Top Hat Willy".
I'd be more than happy with a "Jet Set Willy" type  Xmas game if he could.

Ah, if you're looking for a "Jet Set Willy" type Xmas game, I released it in 2015. It's a derivative work, though!

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