Elves' Dreamland ( Amiga game for Xmas 2015 )

This is a lovely cute xmas game (2D platformer) designed for xmas 2015.
As you know, I am a "Jet Set Willy" clone game collector.
So this xmas I give you a special gift which was created
by map editor of "Jet Set Billy" coded by Niilo Paasivirta.
Of course all graphics and music were made by me, nittamituaki.
You have to collect all 200 items to complete the game,
while you can feel nostalgic everywhere.
It's because 7 (out of 8) areas were made based on commercial retro games
released in 1980s-1990s. ...How many titles you remember?
The game was fully tested on my CD32 + Analogic FDD.

Click and download first. Then transfer ADF to your own diskette.
Hard disk users: Simply copy all contents of this ADF.
Of course simply insert ADF and boot if you'd like to play the game on the emulator.

Original game's screen
This version's screen
You have to collect...
Comments from me (the author)
Daze Before Christmas
for Mega Drive

   22 items in total.
Do you remember that Santa game
which was famous for extremely
high bidding price?
Your mission starts from this area.
This is the easiest area, so I
recommend you to play here first
to practice control.

   25 items in total.
This area is harder because
there are many conveyors.
It would require your good control.
You also have to take a detour
to collect specific items.
Watch out a stone giant, which didn't
appear in SNES version !
Santa's Xmas Caper
for Amiga/ DOS

   24 items in total.
You probably need more practice
to complete this area.
Small platforms are unstable.
Helicopters are the fastest enemies
in this game. In addition,
you also have to take a detour
to collect specific items.
Plum Duff
for ZX Spectrum

   30 items in total.
Like the original ZX Spectrum version,
you can use almost objects here.
For example, you can climb both
xmas trees and wall clocks.
In this area, you need solving puzzle
elements rather than good control.
Special Delivery
for 8bit computers

   10 items in total.
Like the original version,
you have to climb a ladder while
avoiding flames.
You must learn how to avoid flames,
otherwise, you cannot enter
other areas. Of course you can also
descend a ladder. More practice
would be required, though.
Merry Xmas Santa
for ZX Spectrum

   23 items in total.
The original ZX Spectrum version
was the first xmas platformer in the
world which was released in 1984.
That legendary game has remastered
as 16 bit graphics for this game!
This time, you have to avoid not only
snowmen&snowballs but also moon.
Christmas Lemmings
aka Xmas Lemmings
aka Holiday Lemmings
for 16bit computers

   25 items in total.
The original game was one of the
most famous xmas games ever.
This time, all lemmings become
enemies. So you must avoid them!
To complete this area, you should
understand its map first.
Some items requires your great control.
nittamituaki's Original
Blessed Area
This area is unrelated
to any other old xmas games.

   41 items in total.
It's mysterious world where loads of
ornaments are hanging.
After you climb them, you will see
angels came from the heaven.
Each platform is more unstable than
you imagined.
Pay close attention to jumping.

How to control your Santa:
To move right/left: joystick right/left
To slide down/go down a ladder: joystick down
To jump/climb a ladder: fire button
Esc key: pause     m key: toggle music( on/off )
Collect all 200 items before your all 8 lives run out.

I've tested using SEGA Fighting Pad 6B for Mega Drive (fire button = B button).
Note: "Joystick support" becomes available by "joy2key2",which works on 020+ system.
Here is a "compatibility list".

Loading program
Joystick support
MC68000 system (Only 512k RAM)
MC68000 system (1MB+ RAM)
MC68020 system (1MB+ RAM)

This game has 9 tunes which are related to christmas. See below:

 Menu screen
Winter Wonderland
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
 Game over
What Child Is This ?
The First Noel
 High score screen
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
 In game
Silent Night
 In game
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
 In game
Joy to the World
 In game
Jingle Bells
The composer is me, however, it was my first time composing. Sorry!


I created the whole map of this game. >>Click

Anyway I hope you enjoy this game in holiday 2015 ~ 2016.
See you my next game, have a happy holiday !

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"Elves' Dreamland" was designed and produced by nittamituaki in 2015.
Graphics (all pixel arts) and Music (composing) by nittamituaki.
The map was created by nittamituaki using a map editor of the original "Jet Set Billy" game coded Niilo Paasivirta.
For joystick support, I used "joy2key2" coded by Lorence Lombardo.