Frust (Amiga)

Basic DATA
Mark Potter (coding) & Ian Jeffray (another stuff)
1P mode only. Instant death. Player has 1 ship.
You can continue freely.  No Passwords.
CD32 pad (using joy2key2)
Rotate left  
left arrow
Rotate right  
right arrow
up arrow
Red button
Catch and release a spike-ball 
Continue at the title screen 
Blue button
Map editor at the title screen 

For CD32+FDD users:
Download spielekiste613.dms from AmigaFuture. Create a blank diskette in advance.
Then transfer spielekiste613.dms to your diskette.
Next, copy joy2key2 and frust.cfg to that disk. Copy "lowlevel.library" to "Libs" folder.
In addition, edit s/startup-sequence as following:

Here is my example ADF. Use it if you want to save your time ;)

Boot from that disk. "Pre-Game Instruction Sequence" screen would be loaded automatically.
Press "up" of your CD32 pad continuously till title screen is shown.

This title had possibility of the highest rating in early freeware inspired by "Thrust".

About movements of the ship, amazingly,
there's no difference between this game and C64 game "Thrust".
In this game our ship can take a spike ball. And we can hit it against enemies!
The spike ball can also disable enemies' bullets, so it also become a shield.

After the spike ball is caught in the wall, the wire would be cut.
We can take the spike ball again by getting close to it
and pressing T key (or "down" after you enable joy2key2 as setting above).
What should be specially mentioned is that we can change a length of the wire
depend on the distance when we catch a spike ball.
For example, to go through a narrow path, we should release a spike ball once,
then catch it again at very close range.
The wire would be shorter, so we can control both our ship and a spike ball easily.

On the other hand, it would be relatively safe to make the wire longer when we destroy enemies that we don't want to get close to.
However, a longer wire can shake your ship strongly.
Anyway we are forced to change the length of the wire properly for different purposes.
I don't know that you can recognize whether it is "too difficult" or "nice idea", though!

Several enemies that have specific features also can make this game hi-rated.
As freeware of course! But please compare with "Fleuch" released in the same year (1993), that free game makes only turrets appear.
In this game, you can see not only turrets but also other types. See below.

• Enemies that can't move from the place they've been placed originally

It does nothing.
First appeared in the 1st level.

This turret shoots in random direction.
First appeared in the 1st level.

It emits a laser beam horizontally.
First appeared in the final 6th level.

• Enemies that can move within a defined range

It only walks horizontally.
First appeared in the 3rd level.

It only flies vertically.
It's hard to hit due to its smaller size.
First appeared in the 4th level.

It can shoot in random direction
while it moves horizontally.
First appeared in the 5th level.

It can shoot in random direction
while it flies vertically.
First appeared in the 5th level.

In addition, propellers annoy you. They blows away your ship, however, you can't destroy them.
I show you 2 levels below.

Level 4

 In addition to the narrow pit downwards, there is a propeller on the left wall.
 It blows away your ship to the right.
 Your ship can't go against that propeller,
 so all you can do is go downward at high speed.
 Even though, your ship would be blown away to the bottom right.
 So you must thrust to the left not to crash into the right wall.
 Therefore your ship would move to the point shown as the screenshot on the left.
 But it's not enough. your ship still moves to the left slightly.
 You should thrust to the right slightly.
 This is the toughest scene in this level.

 Surely the 4th level was a bit difficult for beginners. But that scene above would become a piece of cake
 ...after you see the 5th level !!

Level 5

You can see 2 holes below the starting point.
In the left hole, there are two propellers that suck in air intensely.
In the right hole, two propellers would blow away your ship upward.
Your choice shall be the right hole against a propellers' blow.
To do so, you must thrust downward accelerating from a higher place.
In addition, you have to move to the right immediately.
Otherwise your ship would blow away upward again!
If you want to kill enemies placed at the right corner of the map first,
next you must go through this hell scene without death.
If you want to challenge this hardest scene first because there is no guarantee that you will succeed,
you must go through a return route after you killed enemies placed at the bottom of the hole.
Which choice do you want? (No way!!)

Anyway now you know about 2 original levels above.
Especially the 5th original level was much harder than other 5 original levels.
No human beings can't complete it without saving state using emulator (or any other cheats).
Although Mark had supplied a map editor for us,
to be honest, at least the 5th original level is enough to lose my motivation that I create hardcore levels with my idea.

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