Exolon (Amiga)

Frighteningly ruthless and inorganic.

Hewson is a maker who released the work of a minor developer for a personal computer.
Some people may know that the difficult game "Storm Road" that silenced many mega drivers was originally one of them.
The original Spectrum version is a good work by a coder called Mr. Cecco.
However, the Amiga/Atari ST version of this "Exolon" has been subjected to a terrifying harder remake, and is completely different.
In particular, the Amiga version seems to have faster enemy bullets than the Atari ST version.
What do you think of sitting in front of the TV while witnessing that the "9 tries default setting" disappears at the speed of second?

When you try to play this title,
which has a high possibility of entering "The TOP 5 of the hardest 2D platformers in any AMIGA", 
you should consider its "ABD", its loading difficulty for CD32, is "Lv.4".
( Regardless of the original version (upper right image) or the resale version (upper left image). )
This game doesn't normally work on 020 (CD32 or A1200 CPU),
and it also doesn't even if we use Degrader or relokick 1.3.
Such titles can only be loaded using WHDLoad.

Once the game starts, you can play with only the CD32 pad.
Jump is D-pad UP, normal attack is the Red button,
missile (destroy something that can not be destroyed by normal attack) is long press of the Red button.

Speaking of keyboard control, the pause is the P key and the release is the space key,
but there will be no time to spare your eyes (near the P key).

A floating monster that infinitely springs from the right edge of the screen.
Machines that suddenly hit you bullets in a flash,
indestructible red floating machine that appears when it takes time to go to the next screen,
and huge missiles flying one after another ...

It's too horrible...

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