Carver (Amiga)

And...will it change the way we think about the intensely difficult game?

The most difficult title out of Amiga exclusive commercial titles.
How horrible maps and intense enemies would wait for you and strike you at the bottom of hell
with the worst first impression that you faint in a moment.
...Such masochistic expectations will be spectacularly disappointing.

In addition to various weapons, magic, potions,
and other medieval "swords and magic" fantasy world items are the keynote.
It is neither too long nor too short, and there are 6 sets of stages where boss enemies are prepared at the end of the way.
What a safe and orthodox game it is, rather than saying an Amiga, a Western game, or a difficult game!
I have summarized it below, so please have a look.

...After you saw following images I made,
I wonder if you thought "I want to start the Amiga game right now, so I'll start playing with this first".
Isn't it good? Why don't you just buy this and play with it?
Please die?

If you want to play this game on your CD32, the ABD of this game is "Lv.3".
If you use relokick 1.3, you can proceed to the game normally.
During the game, it is essential to change the attack method with the F1 to F10 keys as shown in the figure above,
so if you really want to clear it, the Amiga keyboard is also essential.

At first glance, this game, which only looks like a "safe good game", makes me feel sorry for why I can't even clear it.
However, I will also enumerate some phenomena that I can think of, also as an introduction to this game.

The initial setting for the number of tries is only once.
In this site, I think that it is good to think of HP as “ones place and tens place”, but it means that if you fall on a place without a floor, you will die immediately.
If you make one mistake, you will restart from the beginning of the stage.
On the other hand, there is neither password system nor continue after the game is over.
Therefore, there is no remaining number of tries, which means that the pattern of re-starting from the beginning of Level 1 is expected due to an unexpected fall death.
The number of tries increases at the time of completing each level, depending on the score caused by the remaining HP at that time.
For example, when Level 1 is completed, you can earn 1up if the condition is good, and you cannot if it is bad.
You will always proceed to Level 2 (where platforms becomes more unstable) in the state of “There is no spare of tries remaining”.

The screen does not scroll to the left (does not return).
In that Level 2, the element that discourages motivation is this.
This is not limited to Level 2, but it is a necessary element to be remembered forever.
If the selected route is a dead end, you should kill yourself with the "ESC" key and losing an important number of tries.

Normal weapon reach is too short.
On this page, images of the reach of each weapon are shown.
Even the most reachable Morningstar is only the whip of the early state of Sonia of "Castlevania Legends".
In particular, this game has a wider display area (smaller own character) than other games, so we feel that the reach seems more shorter.

HP is continuously reduced while touching the enemy.
We remind ”Turrican 1” and “Super Star Wars” with this phenomenon that often occurs in other Western releases.
However, in the former, a large amount of 1up items were hidden, and in both cases, the difficulty rating of this website standard was only B rating.
Unfortunately the total difficulty of "Carver" is too high, so...

The appearance position and pattern of the enemy are not one pattern.
A phenomenon that seems to have contributed the most to the “total difficulty”.
To be exact, there is a large amount of information such as "this enemy is here" and "that enemy is there" on the map, and part of them are randomly chosen every we start the game.
You may see only the kind of enemy changes in the same position.
Games that are not a single pattern, even if only partially, are seen in many games called "difficult game" such as "Ghosts 'n Goblins" series,
but in the system of this title reminiscent of even LYNX version "Batman Returns" will have very limited "patterning" for strategy.
In particular, what I felt as "not in other games" is that even if the enemy is the same "kind" placed in the same "place", the behavior will differ for each play (these are roughly divided into the following).
It changes every time from 3 types).
 • Just go back and forth within a certain range
 • At the same time as it appears, it approaches to overlap with the player
 • As soon as the player approaches a certain distance, it approaches to overlap with the player

Moreover, even if it is one of the three types, it may change to one of the remaining two types depending on the distance of the player and the lapse of a certain time.
(Even the LYNX version of "Batman Returns" did not have this.)
When 1000 people start "Level 1" of this game all at once, even if there are 10 people who have exactly the same enemy placement, the behavior of the 10 "Level 1" enemies are different each other.
Considering the reach and stoic characteristics of your character as mentioned above,
there is no means like "common effective strategy" just because the patterns are slightly different, so the path to complete is 1000 people and 1000 there will be streets.
How I can write a strategy guide? (lol)

Enemy bullets are not at regular intervals.
It does not mean that it is random.
To be precise, it is the property that a moment the last bullet ejected disappears from the screen, then the next one.
All normal enemies and bosses that eject bullets aim at the player without exception, so the angles of the bullets that fly will differ if the distance between the players is different.
The bullet will disappear sooner or later, hitting the terrain such as the floor.
At this point, the timing to eject the next bullet will also be different.
They would be effect on the control of the main hero.
And there are problems.
When you go to defeat an enemy who spits a bullet at a short distance with a normal weapon for various reasons, the bullet disappears from the screen if it hits you (the bullet does not penetrate you).
Since it disappeared from the screen, the enemy immediately spits next bullet. Since the distance between them is shrinking, they are inevitably hit again.
Immediately, next bullet is vomited...
This series of tragedy was due to judgment mistakes and control mistakes in the “the first your action”.
However, even if the game tell the humans not to make a mistake...

The number of the projectiles and magic attacks you can shoot is limited.
In short, you can't beat the final boss with the number of them you can get at that level.
Counting back, you must keep them from the previous level.
The so-called "unresurrectable" scene in other difficult games is exactly this.
Even so, there is no way to save your projectiles/magics in the Level 5 boss battle, and rather it seems that it is necessary to collect them in preparation for the Level 5 boss.
Then it becomes a story about which boss battle to take risks and save your projectiles/magics.
Even if that problem is answered, it will be clear that there is no room to use it against normal enemies.
Here, return to the problem in the previous section (6).
It is a countermeasure against a large number of Madmen aiming at you in the middle of Level 4.
There, only the player's "control ability" is all that is required, however, its "ability" would be extremely high...

No pause allowed.
When you want to change the attack method suddenly,  the difference between whether you can pose for the time being or not!
If you are CD32 user, even if you normally hold the Amiga keyboard on your lap and hold the CD32 pad, you risk that you must see F1 to F10 for a moment! (Lol)
Regarding this "risk", whether it is A500 user or A1200 user, it does not change.
Of course, you should keep in mind the connection between function keys and each weapon/magic,
but it is still yet different from the technology that immediately pressing the function key you want to press without seeing your keyboard.
(You must have the both of technologies.)

...Well, it looks like this, but when I'm watching this game, I'm always asked myself, "What on earth is a difficult game, and what does it mean?"
At first glance, it's a normal game, and we can see game's creators who seem conscientious on the back cover of the original box are smiling.
The language is in Germany only, but in the "hint" section of the manual,
there is a psychological theory (actually a lie) that "it will not become harder as you follow latter levels, so your motivation will not be disheartened",
and there is only "water on a burnt stone" advice, such as "use the right weapon".

...What on earth is that?

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