Numpty and the Alien Invaders   on Amiga CD32

Coder: P.Gargin,   Musician: Diggy
Lv.3 (Just transfer ADF to your own floppy disk.)
If you play this game on WinUAE, you might have to config to A500 setting
due to unknown reason.
If you play this on CD32+FDD, you don't need relokick1.3 nor degrader.

This game is the oldest and the most complicated title out of "Jet Set Willy" clone free games for Amiga.
It has the same basis as "Jet Set Willy" does, we have to collect all of 395 items.
In addition, we have to pick up and use specific items apart from those 395 items.
So the style is very similar to "Chuckie Egg II".
We didn't have to collect all items for points in "Chuckie Egg II" game, but on the other hand
we must collect all of 395 items in this game.
And this game also has much more pickup/use items than "Chucki Egg II".
That's exactly we can consider this game as tougher version of "Chuckie Egg II".

Strategy Guide

Stuck? Here is "step by step" FAQ by nittamituaki, global hardest games strategist

How to pick up or use special items?
Special items are in treasure boxes.
First you have to place your character those themselves.
Then, you pick up and put the item in your pocket1 by pressing up key of your pad.
You also give back it from your pocket1 by pressing up key of your pad.
And, you can use pocket2 for second special item by pressing down key of your pad.
I cannot jump onto upper platform.Why?

It is because your character's foot caught
on the edge of the platform.
You have to remember correct distance
between your character and platform.
Again! I can't jump onto objects...
In some case,
You have to "back jump" to jump onto platform
or avoid fatal object safety.
So how to back-jump?

First, watch out above your character.
Then continue pressing red button (or B button of SEGA 6-button pad).

And press your D-pad, too while your character are jumping.
Don't forget not to release red button until your character jump back.
I think that I can jump onto next platform
on the upper screen,however, I can't.
When I am going to jump to next screen,
next screen close fast
due to unknown reason.

You need some trick for this situation.
Please continue pressing both red button
and D-pad.
By doing so, screen may change
many times quickly.
When you enter the next screen,
immediately release both red button
and D-pad.
You might have to practice.

I cannot enter a certain room of mansion.
It seems no special items need.
Don't pick this collecting items
before you enter the second floor
of this screen.
See this and understand
what I want to say.
Don't move on these items
not to pick them and fall down.
I couldn't collect all items
at the Space Station area.
How should I do next...?
Oh, dear!
Man, please see this screen.
After you understand your situation,
you will reset your console and
restart your game. (lol
Sorry, finally I collect all items
at the Bed Room.
But my result does not reach 395.
To make matters worse,
it seems that I cannot leave from this Bed Room.
Sorry man, you have to start your game again.
There are 14 items at the Bed Room, so
you have to confirm that you already collect 381 items
before enter the Bed Room.
There are some useless items...
In Masion area, you will find a Spiderman Magazine.
If you use this at the center of the left screen from the screen which the Magazine lies,
you can get 500 lives (!).
But originally you could get this information from the author of this game
after you paid some money. (In 1992, this game was shareware yet.)
So we should recognize this method as just a CHEAT.

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