David C. May
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Extend legs for landing and retract extended legs

The 6 levels' demo version has been uploaded to Aminet.
On the diskette, copy Libs drawer (mathtrans.library inside) together.
The 14 levels' full version can be also downloaded from the author's website (external link).
Just transfer that ADF into the 880KB diskette. With CD32+FDD, proceed to the game screen without any problems.

Impression that it is easier to operate own taxi than "Space Taxi" series for Amiga.
In addition to adopting a specification that automatically retracts the legs when taking off, the following points are included.
• If you land slowly, you don't need to stretch your legs.
• In this work, the legs act as cushions. If you keep your legs extended, you will not make a mistake even if you land vigorously.
• It is possible to go to the side while landing.
• If your taxi lands off the edge of the platform and lands, it will not crash.

However, the speed of your taxi is slightly faster, so you need to be careful when operating it delicately.
That degree can be described as "SpaceTaxi" << "airTAXI" <<<< "Hello Taxi".

Voices of the passengers are also interesting. Screaming "Hey!" "Hey, taxi!" "Yo!", and whistling (there are two types).
Some people say "Number" when telling them where to go with a high or low voice (as was the case with "SpaceTaxi"), while others say just "Three."
Some gentlemen attach "Please".
There is no reward if it takes time to reach the destination, but it is also interesting to get off without saying "Thank you!".
If you land strongly, the passenger will say "Ouch!!"

Each Level  has a number of colors more than "Space Taxi" and gives a beautiful impression, and there are traps that are more insidious than "Space Taxi".
I will explain below.
It should not be overlooked that the task of carrying luggage, which was the mission of Thrust-type works, is prepared even though it is a free execution element.

If there are special notes, specified.

Level 1 ( Demo: Level 1 )

Level 2

Level 3 ( Demo: Level 2 )

Level 4

Zero gravity.

Level 5 ( Demo: Level 3

A strong wind is blowing from right to left.

Level 6

One crow that flies so as to crash into your taxi.
Crows can move through the terrain,
but they can't get close to your taxi that is refueling.
Of course, if you touch the crow, it will crash,
but after that the crow will not appear.

Level 7

The door opens when you approach the keyhole
while carrying the key.

If you take gold in the cave, you get 400 points.

Level 8 ( Demo: Level 4 )

The score keeps decreasing
while it is overlapped with the robber approaching your taxi.

Level 9

A small floating trap that aims at your taxi
with a crow-like movement on the 6th level.
It cannot penetrate the wall, and bounces off the wall,
but comes toward itself.

Level 10

You can get 2000 points if you carry the belongings of the two people in the upper right to the one on the right side of the center (free execution element).
We can only hear the speech "Take money!" at this time.

Level 11  ( Demo: Level 5 )

The central sphere attracts your taxi with a strong attractive force.
To reach the goal directly above,
enter diagonally downward from the diagonally upper direction,
stop diagonally below the sphere, and go straight to the goal.
It need to get used to it, so we should practice with the demo version.


Level 12

There are three robbers of the same nature
as they were on the 8th level.

Level 13

A strong wind blows from the bottom to the top
in the central vertical hole.


Level 14 ( Demo: Level 6 )

There are three seemingly random (maybe regular, but too complex to remember) opening and closing traps.

It is necessary to save the remaining taxis so that the game will not be over even if mistakes increase in Level 14,
but it is necessary to get used to guiding the floating traps of Level6 and 9 and descending in the vertical hole in Level 13.
There are plenty of risks of losing the remaining taxis, such as the control at the moment when you enter the dent while pressing the down key (there is no strong wind) or the difficulty of Level 11.
Compared with the difficulty of completing all the courses of "Space Taxi 2" and "Space Taxi 3", it would be harder.

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