Mercury Mission

Shareware full version created in 1994.
The case is, "I will give you another voluntary game when you send money."
At present, it is a free game.
You can choose to play it with "Assassins CD 3" for CD32,
or play it by transferring ADF into your own diskette.

In a word, this game is a cave exploration with your own aircraft of Amiga's free game "Tractor Beam".

The purpose is to collect the gems scattered on the map while floating against gravity
(10 gems in the 1st level, 5 gems in Level 2~9).
Avoid walls and mines along the way.  The soberness cannot be denied.

Actually, it can be said that the game speed on the actual CD32 machine is
between "-60%" and "-70%" CPU speed in WinUAE.
This is somewhat faster than the speed of "Tractor Beam" on the actual CD32,
and it can be said that your aircraft is "too much movement" and "faster!"
The difficulty of this game is closely related only to the game speed
because it is easy for anyone to clear if the CPU speed is set to "-80%" in WinUAE.
In other words, I guess the author may not have intended to make this game difficult...

The 7th level can be said to be a relatively difficulty structure full of land mines.
(Right screen)

In the final 10th level, it will different mission from other levels.
You must disable the laser wall just before the core by a switch at the back of the stage and touch the core.

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