Tractor Beam

James Lean
D-pad: Move in that direction    Red button: Tow / Release pod

Normally selectable with the CD32 software "Assassins CD vol.2".
However, Amiga keyboard is required because of password system (direct input).
The coverdisc of "The One" issue June 1993 can be boot from it itself.
In addition, it is also selectable with "Assassins PD Games Vol. 41".
In other words, the CD32 software "Assassins CD" also contains the DMS file of "Vol.41".
Double-click "Assassins Guide" from the Workbench menu.
After you select "Archives", you will find many DMS files from the "Assassins PD Games" series.
Click the "Un-DMS" button in the "Vol. 41" column, insert a blank diskette into the FDD,
and press the Return key to automatically transfer the DMS file into the floppy disk.
After that, boot your CD32 from that diskette.

A500 (MC68000) and CD32 (MC68EC020) have different speeds (within the allowable range).
This cannot be fixed by using "relokick 1.3" or RAM operation using "Degrader".

There is no common element "rotation vertically" that we can see in the genre called "Thrust".
There are free continues and a password system, so it's easy to try again.
So it seems easy, however, it's quite the opposite, and it's a very difficult game.
The cause is that various conditions such as gravity, towing power, distance between the player and the pod are different for each level ,
The thing that connects the pod to the player is not a type that does not expand or contract (as in the conventional "Thrust" type work), but an elastic rubber like thing.
As a result, the behavior of the pod becomes unique, and the experience with the conventional "Thrust" series works is almost inapplicable.
On the other hand, you will suffer from unusual specification that if you touch the pod, you will die instantly.

Password and comments from me

Level 1


The wind blows in the direction of the arrow, and if your machine or a pod gets into it,
it will be blown and difficult to control.
This level itself is designed for practice,
just move the pod from right to left and land your machine on the left side.

Level 2

Password: BLASTOFF

Swing the pod to the left, let it pass through the arrow zone first, and feel like chasing it.

Level 3

Password: ORNAMENT

It gets harder and harder.
Once you begun to pull the pod,
it was better not to press the left or right keys until the pod passed the first area.
If you pass the lower left of the down arrow that is placed immediately after,
the pod didn't tend to run out of control.

Level 4


It's a simple one-pass road, but it's more difficult than it looks
because the aircraft is moving too fast in this level.
After all, I have an impression that it was easier that the pod passed slowly in a stationary state
as if it was right underneath.

Level 5


In this level the rubber between your machine and the pod stretches longer, but if you use it,
your machine can pass the top of the screen and the pod can pass between the two yellow trash cans.
If you have cleared the previous level , you will almost easy.

Level 6

Password: CULDESAC

Gravity is relatively large and your machine does not move too much.
However, the rubber between the player and the pod is very short, so it is easy for both to collide.
This level is actually much easier to die than the first impression.

Level 7


Enter the gap above while towing the pod, and release it once.
Next, if the pod that has passed through the gap above is towed again,
it will be difficult for the ball to runaway in the upper left space of the map.
Dropping the pod to the bottom from the left end is less likely to get caught in the trap.
Your machine also passes the left end.
This is the most difficult level ever.

Level 8


More difficult from the previous level.
Release the pod at the left arrow just above the star or the left arrow at the upper right, have the wind force of the arrow send that pod, and you yourself also pass through there.
After that, tow the pod again to prevent that pod from hitting the leftmost wall.
However, do not let the pod touch the nearby right arrow x 2.

So much for ordinary people to play.



From here, you will see extremely difficult levels that requires "supernatural" operation.

Level 9


If you throw the pod very carefully into the small hole to the right of the starting point (although it is a transcendental technique that slides the pod into the gap between the right arrow and the floor),
pull it for a moment just before the pod hits the wall to offset the speed at which the pod moves to the left.
It will be the level of craftsmanship.

Level 10


It is already difficult from the first towing, and it is necessary to release the pod
while you swing toward the upper left and fly it so that it overlaps the up arrow.
After that, the pod will fly to the left by the left arrow,
so immediately pull it, hold it once, and gently send it to the up and down arrow points.

Your machine must go to the left side of the map in advance before pulling it again.
Needless to say, the difficulty after that is extreme.
I think the first half of the game need the level(s) that the pod and your machine are
completely separated like this level and it should be simpler.
There's a huge difference in difficulty!

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