Steve Bailey
Music by
Test Player
Mike Bailey & Karl Townsend
Left/Up/Right: Move in that direction   Down: Shoot down   Red button: Shoot sideways
P key: Pause   Esc key: Suicide (restart the level)

This is a free game created in 1997. It's selectable with the software "Assassins CD 4" for CD32.
You can also create a disk version.
Copy only the files in the right image (excluding files unnecessary for the game)
to your own blank diskette. The total is 864 KB.
(Fast File System (FFS) allows writing up to 879KB.)

So you can also add S/startup-sequence consisting of the following 1 line:

Remember to change the device name from "empty" to "survivor".

A game in which you search in a complicated map
with gravity and rescue only the number of people set for each level .

The order of rescue is the player's freedom, but if you touch the terrain, enemy planes, or bullets, you will die instantly, and you must rescue from the first human again.

It becomes a mistake even if the fuel runs out.
If you destroy the red sphere somewhere in the map,
the fuel will be fully recovered.
(See the screen on the right)

In this game, by destroying the terrain with your own attacks,
you will be able to easily pass through narrow paths and rescue people who are surrounded by walls.

However, if you accidentally destroy a person's feet, that person will die.
At a level where there is a lot of rescue quotas, that alone may be a choke.
By the way, the quota for each is 2 humans for the 1st level and 3 humans for the 2nd level.
The number of tries is 6, and you will go to the title screen after it runs out.

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 4 is full of places that destroy the terrain to rescue people.
Level 5 is very complicated, and the difficulty of these two levels is high.
In the final 6th leevel, there is almost no scene that breaks the wall, although it is complicated.

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