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Type-in MSX games for Xmas!!

In the 80's, it was common for code for games created by individuals to be published in computer magazines.
The person who purchased the magazine would enter the code as published and the game would launch.
In those days without the Internet, that was the norm, and conversely, it seems irrational today.
But daring to do it now is surprisingly fun.
The joy of entering the code over time and having the game start is addictive once experienced.
The difficulty of entering the code varies depending on the length of the program and other factors,
similar to a wizard opening a spellbook and casting a spell.
If nothing happens, the wizard is not yet at a high enough level to cast a high-level spell.
Even such things are similar and exciting to work on.
On this page, I would like to introduce a few Christmas-themed games.

Heart Catcher

"Micom" Dec. 1985 Issue
Program length:
9 screens
Also known as:
"Dream Catcher"
Arrow left / right: Move left / right.,   Space: Jump.,   y: Load the 2nd file for the first time.

Tomorrow is finally Christmas Eve.
Santa Claus, who uses children's dreams as energy, has come to collect dreams to prepare for tomorrow.
However, the tapir that live in the surrounding area said, "I can't let him take my food away from me!" and it rushes toward Santa!

For Disk users:

This game is originally for tape only. This is because part of the program's area of use overlaps with the disk's work area.

The 1st file:

To load the game from your disk correctly, modify the code as below.
If you modify the code as described above, each checksum will be follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
Sorry if there are any typos, however, I have tested my data, and had no problems.

The 2nd file named "XmasM.BIN":

If it's impossible to create a memory dump file on Disk Basic, you will have to use a binary editor on Windows to create one.
In such cases, we Japanese usually use freeware called "DumpWithRTCS".
Choose "Tool(T)">"Address Offset(A)...". Enter "E900". Then choose "Checksum(C)">"XOR(X)".
Now enter all hexadecimal numbers to F0FFh.
Make sure that each checksum matches the checksum listed in the magazine.
Finally add the header "FE 00 E9 FF F0 00 E9". (When you want to insert numbers, press INS key.)

Joystick support:

Simply modify following lines.
Now you don't have to press Y key before it loads the 2nd file.

For CD32+FDD users & SNES+AD adapter users:

Unfortunately, neither "AmiMSX", "fMSX"(Amiga port), nor "MSXAdvance" can emulate "On Sprite Gosub" command.
When you use those emulators, nothing happens even though Santa collides with the enemy / hearts.
The only way to solve the root problem is to delete that "On Sprite Gosub" and define collision detection by specifying coordinates instead.
Modify the lines as follows.
heart-catcher-screensHave happy holidays!

Santa Story

"Micom Basic Magazine" Feb. 1990 Issue
Program length:
7 screens
Minimum requirements:

The game:

December 24, Christmas Eve. Santa has to give presents to all the children in the village.
However, the reindeer catch a cold, so Santa has to ride down the hill in his sleigh to give the presents.
By the way, Santa is really a bear that failed to hibernate.

For CD32+FDD users:

Unfortunately, neither "AmiMSX" nor "fMSX"(Amiga port) can emulate "Set Scroll" command.
When you use those emulators, nothing happens even though you press D-pad left / right.
In other words, there is no way to play this game on any retro consoles.
Such titles are not covered on this website, but the details have been posted here anyway.

Particular attention should be paid when typing lines below.
Each checksum is as follows (using version 3.1 coded by the "MSX•FAN" team).
Sorry if there are any typos, however,
I have tested my data using blueMSX, including the ending,
and had no problems.

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