Except for "Cannon Soccer", these coverdisks can be loaded without an Amiga keyboard by inserting them into Analogic FDD and turning on CD32.
(ABD=Lv.1, which is the least difficult category to start up.)

Fire and Ice Christmas Special Edition

A Christmas gift from the developer of the original AMIGA version of "Fire and Ice".
It was included on the 20th coverdisk of "AMIGA Power" during December 1992.
It contains only the remake of the original snowfield levels,
but the main hero are dressed as Santa Claus.
Each scoring items are Christmas-like candies.
High-tension BGM.
Of course, you can control using CD32's controller.

Psycho Santa

Bullfrog, of Populous and Peter Molyneux fame, gave us this unexpected Christmas present.
It was included on the coverdisk for the January 1993 issue of "The One" for the 1992 Christmas season.
You must control a reindeer sled and kick enemies around, collecting the presents they drop and throwing them at the houses on the ground.
The quota increases as you proceed to next levels.

This is a Bullfrog's game, however, exactly the coder was Michael Diskett, who was new to that company at the time.
In the summer of 1991, he won first place in the Amiga Power magazine competition betting entering Bullfrog, beating out Demis Hassabis,
who would later become famous for his Alpha Go work.
Both his work (Mr Wobbly Leg Versus The Invaders From Space) and this "Psycho Santa" are still very much amateurish, though!
Not only the main hero's over-the-top moves, but also controls are rather unorthodox: when your character is facing right,
for example, simply pressing Red button throws a snowball forward, and Red button + D-pad "left" throws a gift backward.
In other words, you're pointing your butt at the house you want to throw a gift into.
There's also a bonus level where you have to jump for items by pogo stick around with a Christmas tree in the background, but the timing of pressing Red button is so severe that it's not much fun at all.
In the meantime, the next stage starts. You have three tries, and continues are not allowed after your tries run out.
The game is included on CD32 titles such as "Assassins CD" and "Now Games Vol.2", and can be played without FDD.

Cannon Fodder Christmas Special: Cannon Soccer 

This is the Christmas version of a strategy action game called "Cannon Fodder", which was a huge hit on AMIGA and ported to the Mega Drive and other consoles. 
This is the 54th coverdisk of "AMIGA FORMAT" during the 1993 Xmas season.
The Christmas tree, snowman and other objects are very Christmas-like.
This game is also a collaboration with "Sensible Soccer" by the same maker, and there is also a soccer court.
However, this diskette does not seem to be compatible with Analogic FDD.
Create WHDLoad version first.

Christmas Dizzy

"Dizzy" platformer series was a hit overseas, but there is a Christmas version of the game.
It was included on the 33rd coverdisks (January 1994 issue) of "AMIGA POWER" during the Xmas 1993 season.
The very first part of "Fantastic Dizzy" can be played, the picture used in a puzzle game, but in a Christmas way.
It would have been a shame because platformer levels had  not been Xmas-ified.
Small in scale, you can finish the game in a few minutes.

Galactic: Xmas Remix

The game of controlling Santa is here again.
It was included on the coverdisk for the January 1994 issue of "The One" during the 1993 Christmas season.
This is a Christmas version of the free game, "Galactic," which was included on one of the coverdisk in 1992.
It is an all-directional shooter in which you control Santa against the backdrop of the night sky, with bonus levels that are platformer levels affected by gravity.
Can be played using CD32's controller.


NES-quality public domain.
Included on the coverdisk of the May 1994 issue of "The One".
Santa is not able to jump. Instead, he stands where the arrows are and pushes in that direction to move.
Attack by swinging the bag with the Red button.
Defeated enemies will respawn after a certain amount of time.
You can get jewels and other scoring items, 1up, and bombs to defeat all enemies.
After you collect 10 gifts that appear and disappear in the map within the time limit, you'll complete current level.

There are seven different maps, and the time limit decreases from 80 seconds, to 75 seconds, to 70 seconds, to 55 seconds ... and so on.

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