Power Battle (Amiga)

Basic DATA
Matthias Narroschke & Jan Engehausen
Freddy Emden
Audun Evensen
2P Combat mode only. Each ship has HP, however,
it would die instantly if it touches the wall.
This game was released as shareware initially.
But it became freeware and uploaded to the developer's website in 2007.
You can also download disk image files from aminet.net from 2008.
CD32 pad #1 / #2

Rotate left 
Rotate right 
Red button
Show option 
left (on the starting point)
Every key
For CD32+FDD users:
Unfortunately this program is NOT compatible with "Analogic FDD".
(It crashes after the title screen is shown.  It doesn't matter whether your system is NTSC or not. )
On the other hand, its 2 disks are NDOS. Only we can do is using WHDLoad.
"Install" program (a slave) hasn't released in the first place... and to make matters worse,
WHDLoad would need fast RAM to load the game even if "Install" program released, I guess !

Weapon (Choose one from 4)

 "Shot forward normal"
 It fires a single bullet forward.

 "Shot forward double"
 It fires pair of bullets forward.

 "Shot forward backward"
 It fires a single bullet backward.

 "Shot forward stray"
 It fires bullets forward wildly.

Special Weapon (Choose one from 5)

 "Shot backward normal"
 It fires a missile forward,
 which explodes if it hits the wall.

 "Shot backward gravity"
 It pushes the opponent in the air.

 This fatal bouncy ball remains permanently
 until someone touch it.

 "Shot backward anti-hurtle"
 It makes your ship invincible
 when it crash into the opponent.
 (Only the opponent would die instantly. )

 "Shot backward drone"
 This drone is just a homing bullet in the air,
 however, it explodes if it hits the wall
 as if a missile does.

3 arenas which can be loaded from Disk 1

3 arenas which can be loaded from Disk 2

• Graphic arts (tiles) are relatively beautiful.
• You can change your weapon and special weapon at the option menu during the game.
• You can change coefficients of gravity and friction.
• Many traps exist.

• Each map seems difficult for novice players. So this game would be recommended if both of players are advanced players.
• You must remove your mouse from 2nd port of your CD32 console then connect a pad there in advance.
• The title screen would glitch after a description of "Shot backward drone" is shown.

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